Being An Intimidating Engineer Is Not As Bad As You Think

When another engineer consider you as overpowering, demanding or bossy, they would often associate you as a bad co-worker.

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“What kind of co-worker is he?”


Once people hear that you are the intimidating type, they would often have a pre-conceived idea that you are not the kind of person they want to hang out with at work. As engineers in a competitive industry, being labelled as competitive may have some disadvantages. For one thing, you will have this negative bias that may affect your relationships at work and the possibility of getting a faster promotion.

When other engineers consider you as overpowering, demanding or bossy, they would often associate you as a bad co-worker. But even if you can give off an intimidating vibe, there’s actually something good that may come out of it.

Source: NST Insights

Having the drive to get things done alone

Some people are overwhelmed with your presence so they would avoid working with you. This often leads to moments when you need to have work done alone. Working alone on a certain task for a project will give you the drive to finish it on time and inspire you to give amazing output. This would also give you confidence to start working on new projects alone (or with few people on the team only).

Standing up for yourself

When people are intimidated by you, you won’t be easily pushed around by other engineers at work. With a strong personality to deal with, your co-workers won’t treat you poorly even if they don’t like you.

Working outside your comfort zone

When you know what you want and how you’ll achieve your goals, chances are you are more of a risk taker than the other people at work. This often leads you to be pushed outside your comfort zone, which often leads you to achieving more impressive results.

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Setting the bar high

You may be intimidating to others because you’re not shy to express what you want to achieve and show them how determined you are to get what you want. You may come across as someone who is able to achieve more at work. When people know that you’re not someone they can mess with at work, they know that they can expect good results from you, thus setting the bar high.


Intimating people are often seen as the ones who know how to get the results they want in whatever they do. For most people, knowing what you want and how to achieve them means knowing how to win.

Source: Inc. Southeast Asia

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