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Are You an Introverted Engineer? Here’s How to Be Liked in Your Workplace

The only thing that you should do.

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Working as an engineer is not always a one-man team. There will be collaborations with other engineers, especially in other departments and levels of the company you are working in. Engineers are required to interact with each other as part of the work.

If you are the kind of engineer who doesn’t want to socialize, in short an introverted engineer, fake it until you make it. But you need to communicate effectively at work.

You also have to be liked by your co-workers in order to survive. Studies show a sure-fire solution how to do just that: you are more likeable when you listen attentively and give undivided attention.

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In a book called Getting What You Want and Resolving Conflict Sooner, it states that, “simply gazing steadily and warmly at that person, nodding at times and reiterating what you heard will activate an empathic, mirror-neuron response in both of you.”

This wires our neurons that improve not only the communication with others but a relationship with them. When the other end seems to get a response that we are listening, it will set an impression that we care about them.

This is also true when we give the other end undivided attention. A Harvard Business Review post tells that, “giving and receiving undivided attention, even briefly, is the least that one individual can do for another — and sometimes the most. And yet, attending to others doesn’t just help them — it helps us, by evoking responses that help the listener feel cared for, useful, and connected to the larger world.”

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In short, if you are an engineer and want to be liked in your workplace, make others feel engaged with you by listening and giving undivided attention. That’s it.

Source: Forbes

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