Lessons Millennial Engineers Can Learn From Working In Startups

For engineering millennials who are trying to find their place in this world, working for engineering startups is a good way to grow as a professional.

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In our technological society today, there are a lot of engineering startups that are trying to make  the world a better place with their new ideas. That is why for engineering millennials who are trying to find their place in this world, working for engineering startups is a good way to grow as a professional. Here are some lessons you are sure to learn while in the startup environment.


Building or working for a startup always takes guts to be able to work in a non-stable environment. Bravery is something you should have or if not, it should be something you should learn while you’re working at a startup.


Nobody wants to fail, but it’s needed and it’s inevitable. Every startup will have its learning curve, and you will have failures in the process, and that’s not something to be scared of. Failure is only part of the learning process, as you already know what you shouldn’t do the next time, it can also drive you to work even harder. Every person or company who is currently successful has already gone through failures at some point in their lives.


Being in a startup means everything is fast-paced. You need to keep up with what’s happening in the company, so you won’t be left behind and so you’ll have time to correct mistakes in the process. Working fast and efficient is key.

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Working in a startup will force you to work long hours and push you to your limits both mentally and physically. You will learn how to value hard work and diligence and will learn how to manage your time more efficiently.


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If working on your own terms, and solving problems your own way is your kind of thing, then startups are a good place for you. Working for startups gives you the freedom and flexibility to do the tasks given to you. You can work outside of the box as long as you get the job done, and done right.

You are trained to use your skills, and work on your own. You’re expected to do your job and be held accountable for it.

People skills

Networking is one of the most important skills when it comes to startups, you learn to interact with people from different backgrounds and personalities. This will not only build a network for the startup you work for, it will also open doors for you in the future.


This is the heart of all startups, and all startups would die without it. If there’s one thing startups can teach millennials is that you can achieve anything you put your heart and sweat into.


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