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Meet The Global Generation Engineers or “Generation G”

Discussions over work ethics of the millennial generation and Gen Z often lead to negative criticisms without giving them a chance. But they must understand, that this generation is extensively growing and will soon inherit our lands.

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In this age driven by enormous demand for talent, meet the global generation engineers that will patch the source gap.

The internet age is an ever-evolving era. It goes without saying that if you do not chase for innovation, you will be left behind. This unending race has also fueled a massive change in our lifestyle that altogether shaped an entirely new breed of mankind. Thus, causing chaotic disagreements between the generations that overlap.

Today, discussions over work ethics of the millennial generation and Gen Z often lead to negative criticisms without giving them a chance. Engineers of the said generation share the same prejudice from employers who do not properly understand its disruptive potential. But they must understand, that this generation is extensively growing and will soon inherit our lands.

And even before you miss that chance to appreciate this remarkable human resource at hand, allow us to introduce the global generation of engineers or the Generation G that will adequately address the skills gap your company needs in order to stand out.

Advantages of Engineers that are Multicultural

You can’t call it innovation unless it addresses massive transformation. And you cannot create a revolution if you’re not willing to transcend cultural limitations.

Gen G or global generation engineers are inherently multicultural and are very accepting and tolerant towards diversity—be it racially, ethnically, religiously and gender-based. When traveling they aim to live like locals, looking for authentic experiences in an effort to learn from the culture and people around them. This skill is innate among global generation engineers and enhances their ability to appreciate, rather than judge, other cultures.

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Now, that is the perfect quality you need when you hire an engineer to work in a team. In fact, Harvard Business Review recently highlighted a project that researched performance on multicultural teams. The study resulted to a conclusion that more creative ideas can be driven from a much diverse team than from a homogenous one. But inherent barriers like the presence of cultural norms often lead to ineffective coordination and misunderstanding when the team is diverse in composition.

But Gen G engineers are known to be multicultural brokers who possess deep experience in empathetic team participation that leads to a greater team performance—a powerful tool in fostering innovation and non-stop progression.

How to Attract Gen G Engineers?

With careful thought, you should now understand the value of this new breed of engineers. The challenge, therefore is how to keep them around. As we all know, this generation can be extremely volatile. So, unless you do something they’ll just slip away with all their ideas with them.

First, you need to make an effort not to always antagonize them. Open up your heart and mind into considering the environment they have grown up. Constantly challenge them and harness their overflowing curiosity to bring forth benefits for the company. While doing so, see to it that their needs are also met.

Gen G engineers also seek out opportunities that allow them to translate their passion into purpose. Encourage them to do volunteering and social entrepreneurship while aligning it with the company’s core values and principles.

Welcome to the Future

We have wasted enough time deliberating which generation should be hailed the best. But this age is rapidly evolving and we need to act fast in order to survive. Don’t drive away the present generation along with their talents.

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We need them now not because prior generations pale in comparison but because global generation engineers are the future.

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