New Things Recruiters Want To See In An Engineering Resume

Attention millennial engineers. It’s time to update those resumes!

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The old days of reading through stacks of printed out resumes are long gone. Nowadays, everything is online, including job hunting, submitting your resumes, and creating online portfolios. Whether you’re a fresh engineering graduate looking for your first job, currently employed or an experienced engineer looking for a new job, it’s important to update your resumes in line with today’s trends.

That’s why we’ve prepared for you some new things recruiters will want to see in your resumes

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Think of writing your resume as a way to showcase your best self. So don’t go throwing in generic statements and objectives you copied off the internet–make your own. When discussing your OJT’s or your role in a previous job discuss the impact you left at the company you worked at instead of plainly enumerating your duties. Discuss the skills that you acquired during those times as well.

Personal online footprint

This isn’t a requirement but being in the age of the future, we engineers have to learn to adapt to the times. The most basic footprint you could make is a professional account on Linkedin. Linkedin is a platform for professionals, it’s like an online version of your resume, so make sure your profile is professional as well. If you don’t want your recruiters to see your embarrassing bar photos on Facebook, make sure to fix your privacy settings or maybe do a clean up of your account.

Include URL’s of your online footprints

Once you have your online footprints, don’t forget to include the URL’s on your resume.

If you’re up for a deeper online footprint like having personal domains, Quora profiles, Twitter handles, or Github accounts, you can also mention this in your resume especially if these shows your expertise in a certain topic.

Make a list of personal projects

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Interviewers usually ask this: “What do you like to do on your free time?”. Do have small electronics projects you do at home? Or do you do freelance work like photoshop, drafting, video editing, etc. You can add these in your resume.

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