Non-Caffeinated Ways to Help Engineers Stay Awake

Don’t have access to coffee but need something to keep you awake?

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There will be times between the day (particularly after lunch time) where you’ll find yourself downright sleepy. Even when you’ve had a good night sleep the night before, your eyes still begin to become heavy and gives you the signal that you’re going to suddenly doze off.

Sure enough coffee can do the trick, but if you’ve already drank your daily dose, or simply don’t have access to it at the time, here are some surefire ways to keep you awake.

Go Outside

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Sometimes the dullness of a monotonous office can make you sleepy. Go out of the office for some fresh air and get a change of scenery. Do some deep breathing and greet the people you meet as you pass by them. You’ll surely feel revitalized after a few minutes.


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Stand up and do some stretching or light exercises. Elevating your heart beat means more oxygen is brought to your brain.

Talk to your co-worker about your task

Do some brainwork with your co worker. If you don’t have any task at hand, ask them about theirs. Keep your brain juices flowing to stimulate your brain.

Eat something

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Go have a snack. This will help energize you, and therefore keep you awake. Sometimes chocolate or anything sugary can do the trick. Try keeping some small chocolates and mints in your work desk for emergencies like these. If snacks aren’t permitted in your office, go to the drinking fountain and go get a drink.


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Reposition your chair, fix your papers, organize your drawers. If you need to talk to an employee at the 2nd floor then, go ahead and talk to them in person instead of making a call. Collect all the papers you need photocopied and go the photocopy room.

I hope these tips help. What about you, what are your techniques to stay alert during work? Tell us in the comments below.

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