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How Operations Managers Can Reduce Sickness Amongst Engineers

Tips any operations manager can improve their engineers’ wellbeing

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Operations Managers

With engineers still on the skills shortage list, it’s important that every company attracts and retains the best engineering talent on the market. It’s also equally vital that firms reduce the amount of sick days their engineers take, so that their business can be as productive as possible and doesn’t have to rely on expensive, often inexperienced temporary staff.

It might seem impossible to reduce the number of days off sick your staff takes, but by following the below tips any operations manager can improve their engineers’ wellbeing and ensure that they’re productive and professional throughout their time working with your organisation.

Follow Health And Safety Procedures

One of the most basic ways you can keep your staff safe is to follow proper health and safety procedures at all times. Make sure that they have the personal safety equipment they need and that it is working properly. This will not only reduce the number of sick days your staff take, but also ensure that your plant is compliant with all relevant legislation.

Keep Their Workspaces Clean

Industrial plants and warehouses can often be havens for dust, bacteria and dirt, all of which can be bad for your team’s health. Hire a firm of industrial cleaning experts like Ideal Cleaning to clean your plant and make sure that it is the perfect working environment for your skilled staff. The above mentioned company are specialists in industrial cleaning and you can get in touch with them here if you want to maintain your workspace.

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Take Care Of Their Mental Health

Mental wellbeing is as important as physical health, and as such it’s important that you remember to take care of your team’s mental health. Create a supportive working environment for your staff and make it clear that you’re approachable so that employees can come to you with any problems they may have.

Keep An Eye On Workloads

One great way to take care of your employee’s mental health is to make sure that their workloads are manageable. This will also reduce the number of accidents they have, as they will be more alert and focused on the task in hand. Working in such an important, often dangerous role, it’s important that engineers are alert and aware of the dangers they face, so make sure that their workload is doable.

Update Equipment Regularly

Engineering staff who are working using substandard equipment will inevitably have to work harder and may eventually have an accident. To avoid this, you should make sure that their equipment and machinery is always up to date and properly maintained.

Encourage Healthy Habits

As operations manager, you can help drive your staff towards healthy habits by installing a vending machine that’s got healthy snacks in it instead of the usual crisps and sweets. You can also try to encourage healthier habits by making it easier for staff to cycle to work by giving them a safe space to store their bike, or even offering reduced gym membership as one of the perks you give to staff. All of these incentives will help drive staff towards greater general health, which in turn will reduce the number of days they take off ill.

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