These Are The People Every Engineer Needs To Succeed

Do you have these people in your life right now? In what ways did they help you in your career?

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When it comes to being successful in our careers, we always tell ourselves to surround ourselves with the right people. Most of us underestimate our network and how they can be crucial to how we deal with things. By having the right people in our lives, we give them the power to affect us in a certain way that other people can’t. So if you have these kinds of people as part of your network, they may help you boost your career and help you succeed.

The one who tells you the truth.

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This person is normally someone who tells it like it is even if it means hurting your feelings. They will be objective when they hear you out and give their opinion or advice on how to handle your problems.

The one who constantly encourages you.

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They are normally your parents, your siblings, your partner or your best friend. They are usually there to tell you that you can always be successful in whatever endeavor you pursue. They boost your self-esteem when you need it the most.

The one you can run to when you need help.

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When you’re in need of help, this person will always go the extra mile and lend out a helping hand. Whether you’re working a big project and you need help with your report, this person will always stay behind the office to help you finish. They would often give you advice as well when it comes to major decision-making moments.

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The one who is the exact opposite of you.

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Not everyone we work with will have the same attitude or style in dealing different situations. So when you have someone who is the exact opposite of you, your personalities will clash and there will be several moments when you both can’t decide on one thing immediately. You shouldn’t worry though. Having someone like this in your life will allow you to see a different perspective on several matters. What you’re good at will be beneficial for that person and what that person’s good at may also be helpful for you at work, which would also lead you to becoming more productive.

The one who will explore with you.

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Do you want to try something new? This person would want to explore it with you. They have great imaginations and they also have the energy to spend time trying out something that may or may not help you both with your careers.

The one who never believed in your skills.


This person will never be your friend. He/she should not even be really part of your network. But we all have that one person who always doubted your skills as an engineer. You will never be good enough and this person’s words will stick with you always, often the negative words uttered would motivate you to be a better engineer at work.

While it wouldn’t guarantee that having all of them will make you successful, how they can affect your actions is still important. Do you have these people in your life right now? In what ways did they help you in your career?

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