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This Question Helped Bill Gates Lead Microsoft To The Top

Together with his cofounder Paul Allen, Gates focused primarily on how to make the software as good as it can be.

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Bill Gates


Ever since we were young, we’ve always looked up to Bill Gates for his success.

His rise to the top is inspiring and we all want to make it big like him. From launching as a small tech company to becoming one of the biggest companies in the world, Gates has been unstoppable ever since.

But did you know that there was one question that helped him figure out how to get Microsoft to surpass the success of big companies at that time?

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When moderator Charlie Rose asked Bill Gates and Warren Buffett what surprises them most about each other, Gates responded by sharing that one question Buffett asked him back in the 90s. In front of an audience at Columbia University, he shared, “One of the first questions he asked me was, ‘Hey, Microsoft is a small company, IBM is this huge company, why can you do better? Why can’t they beat you at the software game that you’re playing?’”


During the early 90s, Microsoft was just trying to make it big in the industry. Together with his cofounder Paul Allen, Gates focused primarily on how to make the software as good as it can be.

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When he considered Buffett’s question, he kept asking himself: “OK, what advantage do we have? What do we do?”

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Microsoft slowly started gaining its edge using its easy-to-use interfaces in home computers.

The company also considered nontechnical costumers in their market while other companies did not.

By 1995, Gates informed his employees about the rise of the internet which helped the company gain what it needed to be at the top of their game.

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As for his opinion on Warren Buffett, he said, “I’d say his humility and his sense of humor really stood out in this incredible way. I mean, he enjoys what he does, and he shares that with other people. And even when I ask questions that are pretty naive that he’s probably been asked 50 times, he’s very nice about it.”

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Article Source:

Business Insider


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