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Quick Engineer’s Guide To Becoming More Persuasive

How does an engineer increase one’s powers of persuasion?

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Engineer’s Guide

When you’re an engineer who has to deal with different clients, you get a lot of pressure from your boss to please each client. However, you are also given the task to make each client want the same thing that could be beneficial for you and your company. One way to achieve this is to be persuasive. It’s important that we improve our persuasion skills since it can help us achieve more when it comes to our relationships with our clients.

But how does one increase one’s powers of persuasion?

If you haven’t heard of the technique “altercasting”, it’s a method conceived by sociologists Eugene Weinstein and Paul Deutschberger. “Altercasting” involves people being grouped into different types of personalities that makes them lean towards a specific behavior. For example, if you point out to one of your clients what he or she is good at, there’s a high possibility that the client will be more interested to what you have to say.

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To be more persuasive, one must always cast positive roles into the clients. People, in general, like to feel good about themselves so pointing out to them what they’re good at or their expertise will make you persuade them more. Other techniques to try when altercating are being familiar with your clients. Having a good relationship with them will make them trust you more. When you’re clear with your intentions with your clients, the more you can persuade them to do business with you.

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