Quick Tips For Engineers Who Want To Advance Their Careers

Preparation is the key factor to any decision for your future.

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Most of the time, your current job isn’t where you’d exactly want to be. But taking the next step in your career is not the easiest thing to do. That’s why a lot of engineers struggle with what they have now, scared to move forward since it might mean the end of what they have today. It’s like living inside your comfort zone. Once you get used to living comfortably, you tend to not take any risks, even if it means climbing the career ladder.

There are some people who never even consider taking the next step, or even switching out of a career path that they hate. Here are some quick tips every engineer could use to get where they really want to be.

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Plan your daily activities

You can ask yourself some quick questions to see where you’d want to be career-wise. This is a simple exercise for you to envision what kind of role you’d want to be playing, and if it would mean you having to sacrifice what you have right now. Try to think how your day would be, what your activities for the day would entail, what kind of work would you be doing, where would you be working, and what kind of people would be working with you. Image training related to your future goals can help you visualize what next steps you need to take.

Use a ‘Happiness Rating’

When you’re burned out, it might not just be due to you working long hours. If you’re truly doing what you like, then it wouldn’t be a burden. Take a look at what you’re doing now and place happiness ratings on them. This could be a simple scale of 1 to 10 or a ranking of 1 to 5 stars, it’s your rating chart. Rate the activities that you’re doing, people you encounter, and even your work. This might sound crazily childish, but it might be help you get in tune with what you really want.

Don’t tolerate what you don’t like

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If you’re unhappy with something, something needs to be done. If your job entails talking to different clients yet you yourself don’t like talking, then your next career choice would be impacted. It’s like your taste in food; if you simply don’t like broccoli, don’t force yourself to wolf it down. Take note of the things in your current situation that may not be up your alley. You’ll find it easier to focus on your next career path.

Think ahead, just not too far

It’s great to plan for the future, but don’t think that your next step would mean that you’d have to do it ‘forever’. Try to structure your plans in a 5 to 10 year timeline, whichever is to your liking. Having a more realistic timeline would enable you to create specific and attainable goals rather than goals that are blown out of proportions.

Create a long term plan

The best advice you can get when switching careers or advancing through your career path is by making a plan. See your goal, write steps on how you’d get there. Create milestones that you need to take and a timeline to go along with it. Preparation is the key factor to any decision for your future.

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