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Before Quitting That Engineering Job, Do This

If you quit, you will become jobless. Are you ready for that?

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Engineering Job


There will come a point at your engineering career that you are more than ready to leave the job.

You’ve already made the resignation letter and all you have to do is place it on top of your boss’ desk. But before you make that big decision in your career, consider these questions first:

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Are the things that make you want to quit permanent frustrations?

There can be situations in your engineering workplace that can be shrugged off and not worth pulling the trigger of quitting the engineering job. It might be just be a petty incident, disagreement, or mistake that can be easily forgiven. Take note: there will always be problems encountered anywhere you will work, maybe even bigger than what you are facing right now.

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Have you considered taking a break?

Sometimes it’s just a matter of a fresh start by taking a short leave at work. Relax and go to a vacation to have a renewed mind when you get back. This shift of perspective cannot undermined and will ultimately have that resignation letter shredded.

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Did you consider the big picture?

If you indeed printed and handover in that resignation, and say it was accepted, what does that make of you? A jobless engineer.

Are you ready to have that kind of title or that phase in your career where you just lie down at home and wait for another engineering job opening? Think of that first.

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Have you saved enough?

Quitting your engineering job would mean you will have no source of income for quite a while, in case you do not realize that.

You still have to pay your monthly bills and maybe have family members to support. This is a great factor since you don’t want to be broke while being unemployed.

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Do you think of the consequences of a resume gap?

Your future employers will notice about the multitude of companies you went into and I’m sure they will ask why you left each time. Every time you quit a engineering job there has to be a valid reason that the HR of your next companies will understand.

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Are you comfortable with uncertainty?

This question perhaps hits you so much when there is no engineering job waiting after your resign. Would you be able to not overthink about having no job? Are you sure of the future that lies ahead of you when you quit?

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If these kinds of questions didn’t even bother you at all, or managed to think of the answers with strong convictions, you might be ready to quit that engineering job. Otherwise, just stay until you are really ready to leave.

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37 shares, 104 points
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