Risks In Your Engineering Career That Are Worth Taking

Sometimes, risks are worth taking, especially if it’s one of these 5!

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As engineers, we all have that one dream job that we’ve always wanted to do. Whether it working for a well known tech company, making your own startup, or just plain earning thousands of dollars per week, we all know where we want to end up. However, when the opportunity to try something new truly arises, we find it hard to leave our secure, 9 to 5 job with a stable salary for something more risky. What if the new job doesn’t work out? What if the company isn’t that good? What if i’ll end up earning less than now? Many of these questions haunt us and prevent us from even taking the risk and moving forward, which is why we’re here now to tell you the 5 main risks in your career that will probably be worth taking.

One of your former (or current) bosses contacts you to a new job opportunity

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So you’ve been working at your job for 7 months, it’s pretty stable but it’s nothing new or exciting. Then suddenly, one of your former bosses call you over the phone and ask you to come work for them for his new company. You ask yourself whether it’s worth it, since your current job is pretty secure and you’ve only been there for 7 months.

We say do it! These days, no job is secure. You can be laid off any minute from now, so why even worry about it? Plus, if it’s just some other job you don’t particularly love, and doesn’t build your flame, then why stay? Good jobs that lead you to where you want to be excite you; they get your muscles moving and your skills growing. And if your old boss trusts and likes you enough to actually contact you for a job opportunity he’s sure you would love, then why not?

Starting your own business once you’ve got a few solid clients

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If you’ve always wanted to make your own business or startup, and are knowledgeable on how to get things going and already have a few clients who are willing to invest in it, then why not? This can be your opportunity to be the boss this time around. Every big company had to start from somewhere, and that’s the somewhere you are at right now. So charge ahead and do it. Who knows, you might even end up making it big.

Trying a new kind of job from your usual

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If it pays well but it’s different from any job you’ve done before, then you should go and try it. Try new things and step outside your comfort zone. After all, if you don’t try new things, how will you know which things you like and are good at and which things you are not?

Leaving a “secure” job for an interesting startup

See how secure is in quotes here. Again, no job nowadays is secure, so why even stay where you are. If your evaluation of the startup tells you that it’s very promising and might be the next big thing, then go ahead. Either way, it’ll provide you with new learning opportunities no other job could give you.

Making a career choice based on your brain, heart, and gut, over logic 

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Let’s face it, you can make a list featuring the pros and cons of each job to choose from, but no graph will ever be able to gather the weight of each factor. You can’t, for example, weight the commuting time against your boss’ can-do personality. So instead of relying on algorithms, trust your heart, mind, and gut.

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