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Science Explains Why Engineers Are Not Morning People

You may think it’s your sleeping times and lifestyle. Probably not, science says.

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Hey Engineer: Are you a morning person? Having a hard time waking up this morning?

Hey Engineer, are you a morning person? (Source: Pinterest)

Are you one of those who keep on snoozing alarms in the morning trying to sneak out minutes of sleep? So you might be wondering why. And you’re going to find out here as science explains why you’re not a morning person.

Hey Engineer, are you a morning person? (Source: Pinterest)

Larks and Owls

According to a lot of doctors and scientists (UC-San Deigo’s Sleep Medicine Center), there are actually two types of people they called the larks and the owls.

Larks according to study are “phase advanced” and has a mental edge when it comes to quality matter that helps them to communicate better. Owls on the other hand have more game at night, they can be more active. But social studies also suggest that owls are more vulnerable to vices and infidelity. There is really something in the dark!

Well, it tells that there are indeed morning people and night people where it has to do with your circadian system.

The Circadian System

Hey Engineer, are you a morning person? (Source: nature)

Just a short glimpse, the circadian system is a region in your brain covering 20,000 nerve cells called suprachiasmatic nucleus. These cells keep your body schedule throughout the day and regulate also your hormone levels to when you sleep or digest your food. The system establishes your normal sleep and wake phases or we call our “body clock”. So when you habitually woke up late and can’t sleep til dawn, you know what to blame. “Sorry, I’m late. It’s my circadian system’s fault that my body clock’s screwed up!”

Kidding aside, in 2012, scientists also found out that it is also genetic! They discovered that the single nucleotide near a gene called “Period 1” determines whether you’re an owl or a lark or in between. Oh no, so you may think that you’re hopeless?

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Hold on.

Can I do something about it?

Well, you can change that. The circadian rhythm changes over lifetime. It is flexible. You noticed that babies wake up at dawn, teenagers sleep late and as adults age, morning gets easier. You can hack your clock by doing a regimented sleep schedule or trying out wake-up strategies. Find which is effective then stick to it.

Hey Engineer, are you a morning person? (Source: Pinterest)

Also, avoid light before bed. Yes, the eye has light receptors that tells your brain when to call it a night. Now you also realize now why turning lights off is usually done when sleeping. Cool right? So just invite light indoors in the morning to activate your body senses. This will be helpful in synchronizing your body clock.

In addition, doctors also promote healthy habits by eating a good breakfast rich in protein and calcium. Eating full in the morning makes you alert and energized. Exercising also helps in boosting metabolism, regulating hormones and blood circulation. Do these things and you’ll surely turn the owl into a lark.

Live a productive and healthy life!

Hey Engineer, are you a morning person? (Source: tumblr)

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961 shares, 37 points
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