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The Next Engineer Billionaire Can Solve These Problems

So how do you become one? With so many ideas from different people, how do you stand out? How do you get that billion dollar idea?

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Engineer Billionaire


We all want to become an engineer billionaire like Elon Musk. Who doesn’t?

We can buy anything we want and we don’t have to worry about bringing food to the table. With all the money in the world, we only have to worry about what to wear on fancy parties and where to eat in different countries.

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Unfortunately, only a chosen few can become billionaires. Most of them happen to be in the tech industry – Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk to name a few.

But how exactly did they do it? Did they get lucky? Or did it take years of hard work to have all the money in the world?

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Well, to be fair, they had a little bit of both if you look at it. But if there’s one thing in common among these tech billionaires, it’s solving problems humans face these changing times.

From convenience to communication to transportation, these billionaires found an efficient way to solve different problems that help humanity. What makes them earn more money is their passion to solve more.

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So how do you become one? With so many ideas from different people, how do you stand out? How do you get that billion dollar idea?

These problems may guide you to earning that billion dollars you’ve always wanted while helping those in need! Once you find a solution to these problems, you may become the next Bill Gates!

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Improve the weather forecast.

There are still some inconsistencies in weather forecasts and because of them, people miss out the opportunity to prepare for storms and other incidents. Improving major weather forecasts will help save lives and could even protect properties.

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Improve connectivity in remote areas.

Internet dead zones still exist and this problem affects people mostly in third-world countries. Connectivity is important and everyone should be provided internet access wherever you are in the world.

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Find wireless power.

No need to worry about your phone battery dying. Having wireless power means easily charging your phone when there’s a cellular or TV transmission system around.

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Provide affordable water desalination.

We all know we’re running out of clean water. People are in danger of losing access to water they can use for drinking, cleaning and other activities. As for ocean water, we have plenty of that. The challenge here is to find an affordable method of water desalination.

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Provide cheap, scalable power.

Clean energy is what we need now. Providing an easy access to cheap, scalable power would be helpful to countries with poor access to electricity.

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Article Source:

Business Insider


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Engr. Alicia White
Studied Industrial engineering at Went to University of New South Wales and human resources at Melbourne Business School. Ex Rio Tinto, now with BHP Billiton and GineersNow. Follow me on


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