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Take the Stress Out of Engineering Work by Following These Tips

This is a short stress management course for engineers.

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Is your engineering work stressful? 

Engineers are already so immune to stress that it has become part of our everyday life. There are so many stressors at work and at home that may already be detrimental to the engineer’s emotional and physical aspects. While that is happening with or without our consciousness, there are sure ways to reverse the damage.

Take the Stress Out of Engineering Work (Source: Pinterest)

A research by Yale University found out that stress reduces the volume of grey matter in the areas of the brain responsible for self-control. This means that future situations that put us in stress will be dealt with a lesser control of the situation if we cannot control our present stress. The solution? Control our present stress, of course. Here are strategies:

Say no

Take the Stress Out of Engineering Work (Source: Riffsy)

The ability to say no is almost always difficult for engineers. The tendency of engineers is to hoard a lot of responsibilities, which means more work to do. And this gives us a lot of stress. So learn to say no sometimes.


Take the Stress Out of Engineering Work (Source: WordPress)

Some engineers resort to a lot of smartphone usage as a way to release stress. But this isn’t always the case, as work now is already integrated with social media, including interacting with workmates on Facebook or reading headache-inducing emails at home. It’s better to relax the mind by being disconnected and just read a book or two.

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Don’t let toxic people get in your head

Take the Stress Out of Engineering Work (Source: Giphy)

There will always be engineers or staff at work that are the ultimate cause of stress, for reasons that vary. Do not let them get into your system. They are the kinds of people that keeps you drained at work, and you can shrug them off by approaching the situation rationally.

Don’t hold grudges

Take the Stress Out of Engineering Work (Source: Pinterest)

If someone at work makes you hate him or her so much, stop that. A study by Emory University said that holding onto stress contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease, and that includes holding grudges. Negative emotions also induce a stress response. Take note now that some people are not just worth the stress.

Be mindful

Take the Stress Out of Engineering Work (Source: Giphy)

People who see to it that they are mindful in work situations are the ones who are focused in accomplishments rather than focused in being busy. It is also a form meditation to gain control of unruly thoughts and behaviors.

Put things in perspective

Take the Stress Out of Engineering Work (Source: Tumblr)

Some say that it’s just a matter of how we look at things. A certain perspective sometimes yields a stressor, when there are other views that might not do the same. For example, you should be thinking of the positive side of things instead of the negative – it should “everything will go just right” instead of “what if this will fall apart?”. It’s all about keeping your cool.

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Seek help from your support system

Take the Stress Out of Engineering Work (Source: Imgur)

Engineers also have friends, right? Keep them handy when you feel stressed. Sometimes all it takes is just a talk over a couple of beers to set things back in their un-stressful state.

Take the Stress Out of Engineering Work (Source: Giphy)


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