Things Millennial Engineers Should Invest On

Did we spend enough time doing the right things? Did we reach any significant goals?

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Once we finally graduate from the gates of engineering school and step into the limelight of professional world, we are expected to roll up our sleeves and give it our best shot at gaining our first years of experience in the engineering world. Before we even notice, our 20’s start flying by and we want to make sure that we did the decade some justice.

Did we spend enough time doing the right things? Did we reach any significant goals?

Well, here are some things we believe that millennial engineers should invest on as young professionals.

Continuous Education

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You’ve probably heard this before, but let me say it. Learning doesn’t stop at school! And how true, this is especially true in the engineering industry. Engineering is a fast-paced course, and we should try to adapt to new technology and trends of the world. Read new trends related to your field, to help make your work easier.

Another idea is to take up other courses you’re interested in. Take that art class you’ve always wanted to get. Go learn a new language–you’ll never know when you’ll meet a foreign client. Keep your brain juices flowing. This will also help you add color to your professional life, especially if you’re an engineer with routine office work.


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Go ahead. Plan those travels! It’s the best time to travel. If you’re not the type to travel alone, go and travel with your family or your friends. Working too much can be toxic, so make sure you take sometime off work just to relax.


Source: Scene 75

Having solid connections are important. During company parties, learn to mingle and get to know the people around you. Get their business cards, and have yours prepared as well. You’ll never know when you’ll need those connections in the future.

In terms of personal life, make sure your connections are those that are healthy. Stick with the people who you’re sure you can trust, and who trust you the same way. These people are indispensable and will be there for you when you’re in the dumps.


Source: Irish Times

This is one of the most important factors to invest in! Learn to take care of your health as early as you can. Go do some light exercises, drink a lot of water, eat more fruits and vegetables.


Source: CITI IO

Of course, this wouldn’t be out of the list. To be able to be a stable independent person, it’s important that you create a system on how you spend and save your finances. No matter what method you choose: saving up in the bank, investing in the stock market, or building a business, it’s your choice. Just make sure you have a system that works for you and makes sure you’re covered in case of emergencies.

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