Top 40 Hottest Startups In The Philippines

These 40 startups have the most unique ideas to keep expanding into great companies

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Startup companies are the height of every entrepreneurial experience. You have a unique, original idea for a business, refine it in partnership with several sponsors and solicitors and investors, and then continue to build the product into something amazing by themselves. Like a delicate flower, startups are fragile, yet unique. To have their company be successful, they need to build a product that catches the attention of many users and consumers before they can truly blossom. And like flowers, these businesses need an ecosystem to survive, and they need to adapt to these ecosystem to bloom.

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This is why Inc. South East Asia (in collaboration with Bangalore-based data partner Tracxn) has created a list of the 40 hottest startups in the Philippines. The startups that were unique and strong enough to survive in the Philippine ecosystem of business, a country with a lot of potential but is still not quite there yet, especially in the tech industry.

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In this list, Inc. SEA had compiled this list of diverse privately-owned startup companies that range from saltwater powered lamps, to financial services to the poor, to connecting pharmacies together on a digital platform, and other neat tech stuff as well. The factors they took into account were its growth, originality of concept, app downloads, stage of funding, and the equity participation of marquee investors.

Now, without further ado, here are the 40 hottest Philippine-startup companies, according to Inc. South East Asia:


Company Name
Overview Founder/s Company Age Sector
P2P marketplace for invoice discounting Magellan Fetalino III 1 FinTech
500 Startups, Life.SREDA, Golden Gate Ventures, Beenos, Gree Ventures
Cross border social commerce Mikko Perez 9 Mikko Perez
Booky Manila
Future Now Ventures
Restaurant booking platform Ben Wintle 3 Consumer Digital

Hera Capital

E-commerce platform that offers discounted deals Frederic Levy 7 Consumer Digital
IoT solution for farm monitoring and analysis Franch Maverick Arellano Lorilla 1 Technology
Future Now Ventures
Cloud based training and assesment Dann Angelo De Guzman 2 EdTech
Innovation Endeavors, Accion, Rebright Partners, IdeaSpace Foundation
Blockchain-enabled mobile wallet Ron Hose 4 FinTech
IdeaSpace Foundation
Online platform to crowd fund agriculture Ruel Amparo 2 FinTech
GMO Venture Partners
Online payment service provider Robertson Chiang 7 FinTech
First Circle
500 Startups, Key Capital Partners, IMU Investment Partners
Online lending platform for short term SME loans Patrick Lynch 2 FinTech
IMJ Investment Partners, MACHINE
Platform to match property seekers with real estate brokers Tim Michael 1 Consumer Digital
Infinity Ventures
Fleet management and location based tracking Kevin Zhang 3 EnterpriseTech
Y Combinator, Omidyar Network, Learn Capital, FundersClub, Kickstart
Job hunting platform Paul Rivera 10 EnterpriseTech
Accel Partners, Omidyar Network, Metamorphic Ventures, Western
Credit scoring based on social media data Jeff Stewart 6 FinTech
Kickstart Ventures
Cloud-based RIS/PACS Platform Eric Schulze 5 EnterpriseTech
Loan Solutions
Kickstart Ventures, Future Now Ventures, KK Fund
Platform that matches borrowers and lenders Jean Patrick Bisson 3 FinTech
500 Startups, Endeavor, Kickstart Ventures, Unitus Impact, IMJ Investment
Connects pharmacies through mobile technology Farouk Meralli 5 HealthTech
Ayala Healthcare Holdings
Integrated ePharmacy and Medicine Benefits Manager Jerome Uy 1 HealthTech
Kickstart Ventures, mClinica
Cloud based EMR and dental management solution for dentists Marc Medina 5 HealthTech
IdeaSpace Foundation
On demand cab hailing app Eddie Ybañez 5 Consumer Digital
Nova Founders Capital
Financial comparison platform Quentin Bouche 4 FinTech
Mobile money and micro-loans John Rubio 2 FinTech
500 Startups, Hatchd Digital, IMJ Investment Partners
Online pawn shop service provider David Margendorff 3 FinTech
Mobile wallet with virtual Visa card NA 2 FinTech
Paynamics Technologies
Merchant payment solutions provider Ronald Gerald Magleo 7 FinTech
Pen Chat
Instant social messaging Ian Vernon 2 Consumer Digital
Omidyar Network, Hatchd Digital, NorthBaseMedia
Social news network Maria Ressa 5 Consumer Digital
Future Now Ventures
Custom IoT development platform Dale Rankine 2 Technology
Business intelligence tool for restaurants Brian Dimarucot 2 EnterpriseTech
App for transportation planning Philip Cheang 4 Consumer Digital
Seedstars World, Future Now Ventures
Cloud based payroll management Judah Z Hirsch 4 EnterpriseTech
Satoshi Citadel Industries
Bitcoin payment, payment card and remittance services John Bailon 3 FinTech
Plug and Play Tech Center, Kickstart Ventures
Mobile based SaaS platform for collaboration Roman Mercado 4 EnterpriseTech
Sustainable Alternative Lighting
IdeaSpace Foundation, Future Now Ventures
Saltwater powered lamp Aisa Mijeno 4 Technology
IdeaSpace Foundation
Tax calculation and reports Ginger Arboleda 1 EnterpriseTech
Online booking platform for hotels and vacation rentals Hiroyuki Murai 5 Consumer Digital
Smart shuttle service Marvin Dela Cruz 2 Consumer Digital
IdeaSpace Foundation
Video analytics solutions for retail customers Greg Hermo 2 EnterpriseTech
ZAP (ZAPGroup Inc.)
Siemer Ventures, Kickstart Ventures, Seawood, Wavemaker Partners
ZAP provides merchants a white label loyalty program and automated re-marketing Dustin Cheng 5 Consumer Digital
500 Startups, Alps Venture, Kickstart Ventures, Hatchd Digital
Online listing platform for residential properties John Dang 5 Consumer Digital


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