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Top 5 Horrible Engineering Boss Stories

We hope you never experience these things.

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The story of horrible engineering boss. 

We’re young and free. Unfortunately, we’re also struggling with our careers as fresh graduates entering the work field. Lucky are those who landed themselves in job with bosses who are incredibly kind and patient. But there are young engineers out there who have to deal with the most horrible bosses one can encounter.

These are their stories.

The Unfair Engineer Boss

“I once had a boss who was secretly courting one of my colleagues at work. The relationship became more obvious when he started taking her side whenever we had to choose which projects we should take on. Even when her projects weren’t the best ones among the options, he still chose hers. Everybody in the office ended up losing interest in delivering the best proposals to the management because of how unfair our boss is. Even until now, he’s always taking her side. We wouldn’t be surprised if the woman he’s “in love” with would take over the highest position after his one day. 

I hated his guts for being so unfair to all of us.”

Athena, Civil Engineer

Horrible Engineering Boss (Source: Pinterest)

The Public Shouter Engineer Boss

“I took a job in the research department of our university to further my knowledge in chemical engineering. As soon as I entered work, I’ve been warned by my colleagues to avoid getting caught making mistakes at work. Unfortunately, caught me using the wrong reagent for an experiment which led to the failure of a trial. Right then and there, he began shouting at me with profanities in front of my colleagues and strangers. Students who were also in the laboratory saw me getting humiliated by my boss. That wasn’t the only incident that happened to me with him. 

One day, I made a mistake in my calculations for the experiment and then, my boss started insulting me while my colleagues stayed quiet. He was asking me how I survived engineering if I was dimwitted. I realized I didn’t want to be part of that kind of culture so I quit.”

Artie, Chemical Engineer

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Horrible Engineering Boss (Source: Giphy)

The Over-Sharer Engineer Boss

“I always catch my boss eating alone at lunch. Because I was polite, I’d sit a little close to her just so she wouldn’t feel lonely when eating. Every time I do that. she starts sharing stories about her life. I normally wouldn’t mind but then it gets uncomfortable when she complains about how boring her husband is in bed and that she was actually thinking of having an affair with someone from someone else. I guess I come off as the quiet one that’s why she shares too much information. She even shares tips about how to give the best oral sex to someone. It was just too uncomfortable seeing her eating that banana. I swear this happens every time we’re having lunch with only a few people around us. I hate listening to her stories but I have no choice since I don’t want to look disrespectful.”

Rina, Electronics Engineer

Horrible Engineering Boss (Source: Giphy)

The Over-demanding Engineer Boss

“I started to work for this construction company over a month ago and I didn’t know what kind of hell I’ll be experiencing. My boss drives me crazy. He’s absolutely the worst when it comes to giving me tasks. He gives me everything. I am only a human being with limits and he gives me a workload that’s good for 8 people. They’re not even easy tasks. It takes a week or so to finish them yet he keeps complaining about how slow I am in finished them up. I cannot stand this work anymore. I really want to quit soon! I’d rather be jobless for a couple of weeks than to work for this man who doesn’t know how to value his employees’ sanity!”

Rich, Civil Engineer

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Horrible Engineering Boss (Source: Giphy)

The Maniac Engineer Boss

“I never really thought of myself as revealing when it comes to the clothes I wear but my boss just stares at me all the time. It’s very uncomfortable especially that he doesn’t stop staring at me even if he knows I’m aware of what he’s doing. 

One time, I passed by him and I felt his hand on my lower back. It definitely creeped me out. He’s a maniac. I don’t know what to do. If I report him to the administration, I might get fired. He’s a creep, a maniac. What do I do? I’m afraid he might take advantage of my position as a junior engineer in the office. This sucks!”

Mara, Mining Engineer

Horrible Engineering Boss (Source: Pinterest)

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  1. Oh ya this sort of thing happens, like I remember 5 years ago, I had a position as a mechanical draftsman, drafting the plumbing and HVAC. The owner of the company wouldn’t stop yelling and screaming about whether I was sitting up straight, looking at him at the eye, and saying how ‘green’ or inexperienced I am. After 2 months I quit, sadly. Since I thought the job I had before was bad, as a grocery clerk. All I can say is the world isn’t fair, and doesn’t revolve around you, where they’re will be unimaginable amount of stress. Not all places are like that, but just feels like the majority of places are since everyone likes to be their slave.

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