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Wanting to Quit on Your Engineering Job? You Can Still Do Something About It

Don’t rush into that resignation letter just yet.

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There are several reasons that engineers want to quit their jobs. Many are related to the behavior of the boss, the work environment, or the nature of work itself, all of which are rather valid. Engineers have the right to quit if they feel like it is not worthy to stay in the company anymore.

But such a decision has its consequences. If engineers want to quit without another job waiting, it could mean that they will be unemployed for a while, without a source of income. If they have an offer on the table to be accepted, then good. But then they have to start again and adjust with the new work.

What this tries to say is that quitting an engineering job is a big deal. Especially when engineers jump to many companies over a short period of time which reflects in the resume. Employers are concerned about engineers who have questionable work ethics and attitude due to several short-lived employments.

That’s why it is recommended to think about the contributing factors before writing that resignation letter. Ask yourself this question, “Why do I want to quit this job?”

Don’t do this just yet.

It has to be answered explicitly for the problem to be addressed, in case there might still be something you can do about it instead of quitting right away.

Is it the boss? Is he or she too demanding when it comes to deadlines? How about you do better in your time management?

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Is it the work environment? Do your workmates bully you? Are they not your friends? How about reach out to them, set aside the differences and clarify that there is work that needs to be done?

Is it the nature of work? Too difficult? Perhaps too overwhelming? All engineering work are like that. It’s either you have to double time in learning, delegate the tasks on the table, or set priorities when it comes to accomplishing tasks.

No matter which one above is the problem, or maybe it’s not mentioned, think about the possible solutions that you can still do to correct what is wrong in your present engineering job. While quitting is not a sign of weakness but of strength, it is a big decision made after a careful work and personal evaluation.

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