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Why Do Engineers Leave Even If They Love Their Jobs?

No company wants to lose a great employee.

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Engineers leave their jobs



No industrial, construction, tech or engineering company wants to lose a great employee. Why?

First of all it’ll be difficult to find a replacement, next is once you finally get one, you’ll have to train him/her once again.

There is also the possibility that this new employee won’t work out. The rest of your staff will be working double time as well to fill in for the employee that left until the position will be filled.

One of the best ways to keep your best employees is to understand why people leave.

Here are the top reasons why engineers leave, even if they love their job.

#1 Stagnation

Engineers don’t want to be locked in the same place and do the same thing every day for the next 20 or 30 years. They want to feel that they are constantly learning and growing professionally.

They want to be challenged with new pieces of knowledge.

If engineers feel that they are not advancing, they will feel the need to find a new place where they can grow.

#2 Overwork

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Stress. Even the toughest engineers can burn out due to overwork.

At first, your best engineers will take this challenge head on, but once they are fed with too much than they can handle for more than they can take—more so if they aren’t compensated or recognized well for their efforts, they could feel that they are being taken advantage of. This could result in them leaving the job.

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#3 Vague visions

Engineers don’t like vague visions, they want to be able to know, see, and understand what they’re working with and why they’re working on a certain project, so that they can put their best into what they are doing.

#4 Profits over people

Profit is definitely important to any company, but when it value it more than its employees, the best people might find some place better. While profit, output, and productivity are important aspects in every engineering, construction, energy or tech company, success isn’t dependent on that alone.

Success actually depends on the people who are dedicated in doing their work well.

#5 Lack of recognition

Everyone wants to be recognized, even the most selfless people.

It’s important to reward a job well done where it is due. Give them some small token like tools, gadgets or even shirts.

When you fail to recognize employees for their work. You are failing to motivate and reinforce their great performance.

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