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Words Engineers Should Never Say at a Job Interview

If you want to have a worry-free interview keep these words out of your interview vocabulary!

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Job interview tips


So, you did your best to proofread your resume and you’ve passed the first stage. Now you’re called for a job interview.

Hiring manager use job interviews to gauge how fit you are for the job, how creative you are and how fast you can think on your feet.

They also use this to see your emotional intelligence and attitude.


If you want to have a worry-free job interview keep these words out of your interview vocabulary!

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1. Whatever

Fun fact: Did you know that the word “whatever” was voted to be the most annoying word since 2015?

That’s according to a Marist College poll of 1,500 adults, wherein 43 percent of the respondents chose this to be the worst.

So as much as possible, avoid using this word in your interviews.

It’s even better to take it off from your vocabulary all together.

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2. Honestly

When you use the word “honestly”, it signals the interviewer that…

    a) you are going to share a deeply candid observation and…

    b) everything that you’ve said up to that point was not true.

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3. Stuff / Things

The words “stuff” and “things” are terms that are vague and dull.

Instead, use specific words like responsibilities, challenges, sports, tasks, hobbies, creating, passions, or media, to convey what you really mean.

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4. Ma’am

It may seem like you’re being polite, but when you address your employer as “ma’am” you’ll maker her feel ancient–and nobody wants to feel that.

Most of the interviewer will feel old when you addressed them Ma’am.

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Try to address them by their surname… Mr. ___, or Ms. ___.

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5. Donald Trump (no politics)

As much as possible, refrain from bringing up politics during a job interview.

Even if you hate President Donald Trump and you want to vote for Joe Bidden, you must refrain from talking politics.

Politics is always a controversial topic, and since engineering doesn’t have anything to do with politics, stay away from it during interviews.  

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6. Addicted

When you tell your employers that you are ADDICTED to something, even if this “thing” may be a positive activity as reading books about your industry, sharing your knowledge with other colleagues, makes you sound immature.

Just tell them that these are things that you love doing instead of telling your interviewer you’re “addicted” in doing them.

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7. No

To set the record straight, it’s acceptable to use the word “no” anywhere in your interview except to the interviewer’s question “Do you have any questions for me?”.

When you say “no” to this question, it makes it seem that you weren’t listening enough, or weren’t interested enough to prepare some questions.

Even if the interviewer has addressed every question you’ve prepared, try to come up with a question that has something to do with some aspect of the job or company that you want to know more about.

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