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Write a Thank You Letter After an Engineering Job Interview

This could help prevent you from being overlooked, and it may help you land a job.

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Here’s a valuable engineering job interview tip that engineers should follow. 

Engineering Job Interview Tip (Source: Pinterest)

We all want to have a good impression in our job interviews, that’s why standing out as a qualified candidate is always a good step. One of the ways to be one is to write a thank you note after an engineering job interview, as it will help you make a good impression and show the interviewer that you are committed to the position. Here’s how to write a good letter:

Engineering Job Interview Tip (Source: Giphy)

#1 Start simple by thanking them for meeting you. Be specific on the position you are applying as well, they may be interviewing multiple positions.

#2 Reiterate to them your qualifications that you mentioned in your interview, as well as how you used these qualifications in your previous job if applicable.

#3 Mention a part of the interview wherein you and the interviewer were able to connect.

#4 Ask if there is any additional material, requirement, or information the company needs from you and invite them to contact you again.

#5 Close your thank you letter by saying something similar to “I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

#6 Always proof read. Make sure your letter is free from typo and grammatical errors, as these could ruin a good impression. If you’re not satisfied with your self-proofing, ask a family member or a friend to proof read it for you.

#7 Don’t procrastinate. Send in the letter not later that one business day after the job engineering interview.

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