How Young Engineers Can Think Like A Billionaire

How do billionaires think? There are so few of them so what makes a billionaire’s way of thinking so different from an average person?

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For young engineers, we are still struggling to make ends meet. With so many bills to pay and learning how to be independent from our parents, we all wished college taught us a thing or two about how we should handle our finances when we finally have jobs. We are very far from being part of the top 1 percent and we often wonder, how do we become part of it then?

How do billionaires think?

There are so few of them while the rest of the world are either broke or just settling with the money they have now. What makes a billionaire’s way of thinking so different from an average person?

Brad Koontz, a psychologist, gave an outline on how a billionaire’s mindset is different from others and how it makes one more effective. If you want to be billionaire yourself, you must have these mindsets too!

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Asking for help.

This may come as a surprise for you but billionaires are not too shy about asking for help. To achieve a lot of things, they seek advice from experts and their own advisors in order to manage their businesses. This allows you to have a second opinion on the decisions you have to make.

Knowing there’s joy in their pursuits.

It’s not always about the money. Most of the time, billionaires actually enjoy what they’re doing. They are very passionate about the journey they’re in and the money they make is just a bonus for them.

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Being competitive.

Billionaires are in it to win it. They just want to be better at what they do and surpass the achievements of their competition and/or the company’s internal goals. They want to achieve something greater than no one else has ever done.

Finding meaning and purpose in the things they do.

What non-billionaires don’t have that billionaires have is their mindset that what they do has a purpose.They want to create an impact to their communities and this is what keeps them going. They always think of the bigger picture instead of just thinking about the money.

Believing anything is possible.

For billionaires, they like to think that with every problem they are faced with, there’s always a solution no matter how difficult it is to achieve them. They aim to achieve the unattainable goal by constantly pushing themselves.

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