Construction: A Promising Future by The Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council

Time will come for Asia to wear its crown in the construction industry. This is the message of the Chair of the Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC).

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Time will come for Asia to wear its crown in the construction industry. A message from the Chair of the Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC).

With a fast-growing population, rapid urbanization is taking place in the Asian Region. More than half of the world’s population is in Asia and it is largely comprised of the younger generation. Despite the resilience in the midst of diversity, the region is facing challenges in the infrastructure as 90% of the population is affected by natural calamities over the past two decades.

To answer the expanding needs of the increasing population, Asian countries have developed different strategies to counter the problems that are existing and are beginning to exist such as flooding, traffic congestion, and deterioration of coastal infrastructures among others. It is a common scenario for Asian people to suffer because of typhoons which are very frequent in the region.

Another setback Asia is facing is the decrease in the civil workforce in aging countries. It has been found that younger generations in most developed countries see civil engineering profession less attractive compared to other industrial sectors such as information technology. This will undeniably pose a great threat to the future of construction.

Engineers, as assets for global change, has of course made an impact to the struggles the Asian community is facing. Through their vivid innovative ideas, they have created and will be continuing to create solutions for the masses especially in this age that the region is facing a fast-pacing change in its civil landscape.

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Asia is a cradle of bright minds with big hearts and one proof is the development of the Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC). With a motto of creating better quality life, ACEEC envisions to promote collaborative work towards sustainable development of infrastructure within the Asian regions. They allow the members to form mutual understanding of current situations and future collaboration by sharing experiences and knowledge in the field of civil engineering.

With the vision of the ACECC, the Asian region will rise up as one of the leading communities in construction in the future for sure.

In this feature, the president and CEO of ACCA, Dr. Osamu Kusakabe talks about the organization’s humble beginnings up to being the construction leaders. Armed with its present-day innovations, the organization and its core promise to continue to create construction innovations for the future.



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