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Meet the Millennial Civil Engineers

Millennial engineers, architects and scientists care less about career and more about phones... Not Really

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Millennial Civil Engineers

Millennials. They are changing the world faster than we ever expected. The young generation of today is seen as a powerful force to be reckoned with, and this is mainly because they have set plenty of trends too much and too often that they are just too hard to read.

But despite this, the construction industry is working hard to recruit these young workers into their organizations. This is because the millennial workers proved to be an essential part of the industry.

Are We Lazy Engineers?

As opposed to the popular belief that millennial engineers, architects and scientists care less about career and more about phones and computers, the young generation is actually more career-driven than their preceding generations.

They are not lazy, entitled individuals that we once believed them to be. They are actually more.

Millennial Engineers Qualities

Among their best qualities include their wanting to make a significant impact on their professions. They are more inclined to choose jobs which offer them feedback, mentoring, a clear career advancement, and a well-defined compensation.

The millennial workforce is also more willing to give their best to their jobs, compared to the older generation.


These significant traits of the young workers drive the construction industry to improve not only their recruitment process but also their compensation and incentive system. Although altering the system meant substantial initial costs, all of these efforts will all pay off when the millennial workforce works their magic.

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Incorporating and retaining the young workers into the company will mean a significant change for the bigger picture. This generation provides the construction firm with a defined path on what to come next in the business, most notably in the leadership, marketing, and communication aspects. Combine these traits with their tech-savviness and innovative minds, this young generation is set to change the course of the industry for the better.

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