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Just like self-healing concrete, we as a decent society must heal and grow

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Concrete Technologies


New years are a time for growth and improvements in all areas of one’s life. Even companies and industries treat this annual celebration as a chance to further better themselves, their products, and their services.

But these past few weeks, we had breaking news that broke the hearts of engineers, scientists and sports enthusiasts. January 2020 is a month of global crisis in healthcare, diplomacy, sports and environment. We saw the new coronavirus spreads to various countries in a matter of days; wild fire in Australia; Taal volcano eruption in the Philippines; plane crash of Ukraine; a war almost broke-out between US & Iran; and recently, we lost an NBA legend, Kobe Bryant.

I hope February 2020 will be a better month for engineers, industrialists, scientists, environmentalists and technology entrepreneurs.

Just like self-healing concrete, we as a decent society must heal and grow.

While we humans treat this newfound annual desire to grow in the form of dieting and being productive, these companies are growing via new, thoroughly-researched, greatly engineered inventions.

This is especially true for the concrete and construction industry with their new inventions that are revolutionizing cities, buildings, roads, sidewalks, and other outputs of this respective field.

It is still the first quarter of the year and the amount of new innovations in the concrete and construction industry has already skyrocketed. To say this is an impressive feat is quite the understatement, seeing as these innovations do not merely consist of physical products.

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The creative and scientific minds within the concrete and construction industry has also formulated a strategy about optimizing existing processes, utilized today’s existing technology to make the overall user experience better, and has even pushed themselves to be green.

The impressive products and latest concrete technologies:

Electronically conductive

Heated concrete which are greatly beneficial to different types of roads, streets, and pedestrian sidewalks, especially during winter.

Ultra-high-performance concrete

UHPC which takes strength and durability to a whole new level by integrating different fibers (like polyester, fiberglass, basalt and steel, etc.) to further strengthen it.

Green concrete

Green concrete which is made using less resources and thus emits less carbon. All these different types of concrete can also be sent to the foremen in various construction sites and have their performance and quality statuses recorded using data via an app in one’s mobile device.

Despite being only the first quarter in the year, the emergence of these products is a big step to an even better 2021. Truly, the concrete and construction industry is upon a solid, nearly unbreakable foundation thanks to those innovations.

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