Women in Construction will Improve the Industry

9% of the women-owned construction firms earn more

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Women in Construction

While the construction industry sure is adapting the changes in recruiting more women into their workforce, the female sector of this industry is still significantly underrepresented. In major countries across the globe, women compose of no more than 15% of the total construction worker population.

This says a lot about the industry than the women itself. Though there is an increase in women who are getting more interested in working in the field, they are usually hindered by the traditions and belief in the industry. They have lower chances of promotion, are typically seen as the weaker applicant, and are paid lower than most of the men in the field.

While there is no solid proof why there is a pay gap between genders, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible in the work field. Because of these incidents and maltreatment, more women tend to separate themselves from the construction industry altogether.

Little do companies know that employing more women engineers meant investing in a stronger and more efficient company. Women are more organized when it comes to technical processes. They tend to be more cooperative and collaborates more proficiently with other members of the team compared to their male counterparts.

In fact, 9% of the women-owned construction firms earn more than $500,000 because of their effectiveness in their jobs. Although only 25% of Americans believe that we are more likely to colonize Mars than women dominating half of the Fortune 500 CEOs, it is still very apparent how much the female construction employees can do for their companies.

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Women only need proper encouragement from construction firms, and the companies only need to better their facilities and treatment to accommodate more women under their wing. The concept of balanced gender diversity in the workplace is not too impossible of a dream to achieve.

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