2019 HVACR Trending Stories

For the past 12 months, GineersNow editorial team were able to published thought provoking articles pertaining to the HVACR industry

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HVACR Trending

For the past 12 months, GineersNow editorial team were able to published thought provoking articles pertaining to the HVACR industry.

From HVACR home automation to the most efficient air conditioning, we have written articles that everyone enjoyed reading.

On behalf of the GineersNow news team, GineersNow TV crew, GineersNow events management and GineersNow digital, we would like to thank you for making us the number one online platform for engineering community, industrial companies and technology enthusiast in Asia-Pacific.

Here are the best stories that went viral in the past 12 months.


2019 HVACR Trends, Analysis and Forecast

Today, we can no longer deny the use of Wi-Fi and surely in 2019, HVAC will get into this. The integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) will also play a huge role in making HVACR systems smarter and more efficient.


HVAC Futurism: What the Industry Looks like in 2050

HVAC is no longer a luxury but a basic need, especially when climate change increases the temperature in Middle East and Asia-Pacific, year-on-year. The International Energy Agency has released a new study that shows the fast increase of air conditioning systems around the globe. The study noted that around 1.6 billion buildings come equipped with air conditioning units. That number is expected to be 5.6 billion by 2050. That “amounts to 10 new ACs sold every second for the next 30 years,” the IEA report noted.

Do you know Peel Heating in HVAC?


HVAC Trends: From Asia Pacific to the Middle East

The use of smart devices also became a trend, not just in monitoring their business data, but also in controlling HVAC systems in residential and non-residential units. With one focal control point, smart phone apps can be used to control ventilation, lighting, and many others.  On the other hand, digital marketing and data-mining through IoT (Internet of Things) are both necessary to reach more costumers and to get real-time data.

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HVAC Mobile Apps: Making the Industry More Efficient

The article provides you with 10 mobile applications for the HVACR industry, whether for those studying to become technicians, those already in the industry, and those who own an HVACR company. Each app’s feature is discussed and it is mentioned if these are available for Android or iOS users. The cost of using them is also provided.


HVACR Efficiency Secrets Revealed

There are several ways of achieving a higher HVACR efficiency and some of them are already a trend in the industry. While most private businesses are adopting smart devices for security, automation in the home is also becoming a thing. With smart devices monitoring the HVAC systems, homeowners are more confident that they are saving energy even without having to actually supervise said system themselves. They have more power over their appliances and can even control them remotely. Talk about saving money on the go.


Six Ways Today’s Air-Conditioners Are Becoming Cooler and Cooler

These more advanced air-conditioners improving the lives of people are air-conditioners capable of detecting motion, saving time and energy by activating only when people are moving underneath it; air-conditioners that tap into the power of the sun and the earth; air-conditioners that freeze water and cool facilities with the cold air from actual ice; ventilation systems that record data at home, which consists of home temperature, air pressure, time spent open, among other factors; the growing possibility of printable A/C units, such that air-conditioning may be made even more accessible to the masses; and the introduction of smart air-conditioners which can be controlled via mobile phones and apps, which allow remote activation, scheduling, and more fluid air control.


Healthcare HVAC System: Hospitals, Laboratories and Clinics

According to research, the ratio of one in 25 patients will suffer at least one infection acquired in the healthcare environment. Due to this, hospitals are encouraged to fit in the most specialized and innovative HVAC system to reduce the prevalence of particulate matter in the care environment. This supports the ongoing, multi-faceted efforts of medical personnel to prevent infections.

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Building Automation Trends for HVAC Professionals

A handful of bright minds had begun to involve the industry in this development. There are already a few surfacing ideas that have proven to be long-term solutions to the industry’s age-old problems. Building automation for HVAC is starting to actualize the concepts of machine learning, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and even Cloud Computing into their own systems, eventually building the foundation of smart cities and maybe even smart countries.


The Latest Sustainable HVACR Trends

Researchers consider both indoor and outdoor environment in terms of HVAC operations. They want to make sure that the people and the environment are safe from harmful chemicals. As a result of their studies, guidelines for zero energy buildings are being created.


The HVAC Digital Transformation

Overall, Building Automation System manages the day-to-day performance of the building, adding value to the building and increasing energy efficiency for the organization. The BAS is considered the heart of the building, and it is safe to say that the HVACR industry is done with the old-school system and is now following the trend of the automation technology.


HVAC Security Online Threats and How To Mitigate

To help eliminate the risk, plan your HVACR security even before the installation of the third-party HVACR. Restrict access to virtually anywhere possible. Train internal support groups to manage the HVACR, thus limiting outsiders in your network.

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