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HVAC Security Online Threats and How To Mitigate

Technology increases the value of the building and provides a more ambient environment but there is an online threat

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HVAC Security

With the high energy and cost savings Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR) systems bring to the table, it is no longer surprising that such technology is becoming more commonplace in buildings, both for residential and commercial use.

This energy management system offers users the capability to control and manage their systems in the most convenient and most cost-efficient way possible.

Today, the technology is of significant use in the industry, mainly because it increases the value of the building and provides a more ambient and comfortable environment for the residents and guests of the building.

Automation in HVACR

While the benefits of automation of HVACR is hugely visible and has significantly improved the overall value of the building, the automation system itself poses a considerable risk in terms of data security.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless devices are taking over the market. They have been produced at a rather exponential rate, especially now that the number of internet users has increased dramatically in the last decade as well.

HVACR Security Problem

Although this is generally good news as it opens up an opportunity for smart cities, it also poses a significant data security problem.

As it turns out, being connected to the internet means being connected to the people who could possibly exploit these devices for criminal uses.

HVACR Distributors

Nowadays, major retailers and building owners are making use of third-party HVACR companies to manage their heating systems. This mere fact alone proves to be a weak link in the data network.

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Once you let a third-party to access your network, you are basically opening to them a considerable part of your business data, most of which are sensitive and confidential.

To help eliminate the risk, plan your HVACR security even before the installation of the third-party HVACR. Restrict access to virtually anywhere possible. Train internal support groups to manage the HVACR, thus limiting outsiders in your network.

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