Meet The Heroes of The Global Renewable Energy Landscape

To inform people of the dangers of global warming, we asked these experts to discuss the importance of pushing the world to become 100% renewable.

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As part of our plans to expand and reach out to a wider audience, we’re introducing the first ever GineersNow: Renewable Green Leaders.

This month, let us introduce the heroes who are shaping the global renewable energy landscape. Through their efforts of campaigning for the use of a safer and cleaner alternative, they have encouraged more people in different institutions to choose renewable energy to sustain everyday living. In our pursuit to educate and inform people of the dangers of global warming, we have asked experts from EKOenergy, REN21 and the World Wind Energy Association to discuss the importance of pushing the world to become 100% renewable.

We are also featuring special articles that tackle why renewable energy is the industry to look out for. Find out how 2016 became a huge year for the renewable energy sector and which countries have made huge efforts to use sustainable energy now. Learn more about the latest technology shaping our future as we try to save the planet from further destruction.

We’ve also added some of our best leadership articles to help any engineer become better at work. Are you a workaholic already? Have you ever wondered if you already reached your full potential at your workplace? Do you want to become productive and happier when working? We’ve got helpful tips to get you started on becoming a better version of you.

So sit back and learn something new in this industry today. Keep up with the latest trends on the HVACR industry with GineersNow: Renewable Green Leaders.

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Robert Bagatsing
Managing Editor and Founder of GineersNow based in Dubai and Manila. Survived marketing at Harvard, Management at AIM and proud Bedan.


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  1. These people should be commended. If Donald Trump can’t do the job, maybe these people will. Keep up the good job. Applause applause applause!!!

  2. I saw the Qatar solar article. They should implement that solar in hotels and stadiums. Ericsson is nice to read. Those 3 heroes should run for President in USA, France and Russia.

  3. I work for Dubai Electricity and Water DEWA. There are people here in the Middle East who should be featured in your magazine. Are you open to suggestions? Please call me 971-4-601-9999

  4. Very interesting story about that 13 year old boy that can turn leaves into biofuel energy. How can i contact Bryant Liu? I am interested to collaborate with him. I work as an impact investor, specifically for renewable startups in India and Middle East.

  5. I really enjoyed reading the headline stories. I think we should invite them here in Dubai. They are such an inspiration.
    We at Emaar are committed in protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of our communities. Our corporate approach is to manage the environmental risks and impacts arising from the process of going about our business activities.
    Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame
    Sustainability Engineer, Emaar

  6. Dear editor.
    Can you also feature us in your magazine. We have many stories to tell in Qatar. My name is Haya and I work at Qatar Foundation. Please email me.

  7. The study estimated that subsidies to fossil fuel-based sources totaled about $72 billion over this period and subsidies to renewable fuel sources totaled $29 billion. The study did not assess subsidies supporting nuclear energy. The three largest fossil fuel subsidies were: Foreign tax credit ($15.3 billion)

    Henning Wuester
    Director – Knowledge, Policy and Finance
    International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

  8. Sustainability and corporate responsibility are central to Ericsson’s core business and our aim is to create positive impacts for our stakeholders and our business. Thank you editors for featuring Ericsson.
    Neha Jain
    Head Communications – India

  9. ENVIROL began breaking ground upon the Joint Venture between Al Serkal Group and the Dubai Municipality. This was an introduction to a unique recycling plant that solely targeted waste produced by Food establishments and eateries across UAE.

    Abdulraouf Alhousani
    Manager – Core Green
    Alserkal Group

  10. Dear Editors,
    How can we participate in your magazine?
    We have plenty of innovations here in Amman, Jordan.

    Wasan Hasan
    Energy Engineer
    Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) – Jordan

  11. Education plays a critical role in promoting renewable energy and water sustainability practices.

    Mark Dollins
    Head of Executive & Global Employee Communications

  12. In addition to the commitments made this year by major airlines, such as jetBlue and United, to integrate renewable jet fuel into operations, governments around the world reached an agreement in October2016 on the design of a global market-based measure for international aviation. The agreement is part of a larger plan to invest in new aviation technology, scale up renewable fuels use and improve operations to reduce carbon emissions from the airline industry. In 2017, expect an increase in announcements by airlines on the amount of renewable jet fuel in their operations and improvements in infrastructure to produce that fuel.

    Icema Gibbs
    Founding Member/Vice President JetBlue Foundation
    JetBlue Airways

  13. The U.S. has enough installed solar energy capacity to power 4.6 million homes. Solar energy accounted for 32 percent of total new power generation in 2014, exceeding coal and wind energy but lagging behind natural gas. In just nine years, the installed cost of solar energy has fallen by more than 73 percent – setting up the industry for explosive growth.

    Sarah Lozanova
    Adjunct Professor for the Masters of Professional Science Program
    Unity College

  14. New materials in energy such as graphene in solar, hybrid solar cells and wide range bandgap semiconductors in power converters will increase the reliability, performance and efficiency of the next generation solar panels and electric grids.

    Ritishka Grover
    Consultant, Power System Planning and Operation, Energy Advisory
    DNV GL

  15. The Middle East is fast becoming a major hub for the global clean economy, and the banks’ new report provides further evidence – and a positive signal.
    There is already a huge amount of investment and innovation in the region, with some remarkable examples of recent leadership, including the United Arab Emirates’ new Green Growth Strategy to create 160,000 new jobs by 2030 – with a total boost for the GDP of the country by up to 5%

    Eduardo Goncalves

  16. It’s difficult to accurately compare the costs of wind plants and fossil fuel plants because the cost drivers are so different. Low installed-cost-per-kilowatt figures for wind turbines are somewhat misleading because of the low capacity factor of wind turbines relative to coal and other fossil-fueled power plants.

  17. Utilities are realizing that it’s about the customer so they’re doing more to meet individual needs. Because of this, utility business models are shifting towards delivering information on customers’ desired platforms, and towards being more customer-centric.

    Rene Baez
    Customer Development Manager
    Baker Electric Solar

  18. Battery storage goes along with adding more renewable energy to the grid.

    sheebu musthafa
    Purchasing officer
    Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company)

  19. Fortune 500 companies thirsted for more wind power too. A few notable examples:

    * Google announced renewables will meet 100 percent of its worldwide energy needs in 2017. Wind will supply 95 percent of that electricity.
    * Microsoft made its largest wind purchase ever.
    * GM pledged to move toward 100 percent renewable energy, and bought enough wind power to make 1,100 SUVs a day at its Arlington, Texas factory.
    The rationale for these purchases? They’re good for bottom lines.

    Aman Lakhaney
    Head of Corporate Finance
    Wind Energy Holding Co., Ltd. (a KPN Group Company)

  20. Simulation, testing, and developing at-scale demonstration projects is already capital intensive. But in order to achieve up to 20 year lifetime requirements for large scale energy technology deployments, many more requirements have to be met. For example, accelerated life time testing of components and systems are adding to the commercial development cost. Moreover, capex layout for building tools, fixtures, and product can be substantial.

    Michael Agcaoili
    Vice President
    Clean Energy Collective

  21. This magazine has been posted by my friends in Facebook. Your website is really entertaining and educational. Good platform to spread the good news about clean energy. You guys are awesome.

    Michael Sullivan
    Solar Energy Broker
    RGS Energy

  22. Let us create awareness surrounding the potential and opportunities of the renewable energy and energy efficiency development.

    Mohammed Al Taani
    Jordanian Renewable energy Society & Arab Renewable Energy Commission AREC

  23. The MENA region saw over 2 GW of new solar capacity tendered last year, and this year looks like it will surpass this level as hundreds of billions of USD begin to flow into green energy in the Arab world.

    Waleed Al Muhairi
    Deputy Group CEO and CEO Alternative Investments and Infrastructure

  24. Saudi Arabia is conveniently located in the sun belt to take advantage of solar energy. Saudi Arabia has some of the world’s most intense sunlight. Average solar irradiation in Saudi Arabia is about twice as high as in Germany.

    Darweesh Salamah
    PhD researcher in renewable energy projects
    King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy K.A.CARE

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