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Blake Moret, Chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation

Blake Moret worked his way up the ladder and pioneered many innovations in his leadership

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In this day and age, more digital natives are popping up and becoming key contributors in the workforce, especially in the industrial sector. Armed with state-of-the-art technology and the foreknowledge of rising and falling trends, these tech-savvy individuals are ready to interpret the sea of data that can come their way. Spearheading this campaign of digitally transforming the industrial environment in order to create a more connected enterprise is Blake Moret, the CEO and Chairman of Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information solutions.

The Leader

Joining the company in 1985 as a sales trainee, Blake Moret worked his way up the ladder and pioneered many innovations in his leadership. It is this personal experience that he learned the three major trends driving today’s industrial environment—the rise of the middle class in emerging economies, the growing need of more digital natives and tech-savvy workers who can quickly take the reins of any tool and system-dependent task, and globalization itself.


In the face of these three trends, Blake Moret and his company’s strategy into achieving a connected enterprise is to allow themselves to take real-time operational data, transform them into insights, and unlock another level of opportunity i.e. a digital transformation. This Connected Enterprise approach will help his company, and other companies get to market faster, lower total cost of ownership, reduce unplanned downtime, and manage enterprise risk and compliance.

Digital Transformation

While this digital transformation is integral for companies to exceed previously established key performance indicators, the data itself are nothing more than numbers. Without competent decision-making, forethought, and a means to translate the data into a more comprehensible format, then making customers more connected, productive, intelligent, and competitive would indeed be a challenge.

As time moves forward, so too must the tactics of individuals like Blake Moret and affiliations like Rockwell Automation, whose core revolves around connecting people and devices, studying and interpreting data, creating and polishing systems, utilizing advanced analytics, and optimizing processes. Ultimately, this is at the heart of Blake Moret and his organization. It is this objective that pushes them to help machine builders and end users become more effective and productive in their work.

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About Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rockwell Automation employs over 22,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries.

A more productive and sustainable world is a world with a higher standard of living and quality of life for everyone. At Rockwell Automation, our resources are squarely focused on turning this aspiration into a reality. Through the power of industrial automation technology, we develop innovative solutions that help our customers achieve Smart, Safe, Sustainable operations in a wide range of industries throughout the world.

To achieve success, Rockwell Automation has long recognized the importance of connecting independent automation systems in manufacturing environments. In fact, our vision of The Connected Enterprise has guided the development of our Integrated Control and Information Technology for decades. Now, with the convergence of plant-floor Operations Technology (OT) and business-level Information Technology (IT), the vision of The Connected Enterprise has become a reality.

The Connected Enterprise links production lines, in-the-field assets, utilities and enterprise IT to deliver contextualized information where it is needed. As a result, companies can make better decisions faster – and achieve a new level of operational intelligence to improve productivity and global competitiveness.

Built on a secure, standard Ethernet infrastructure, The Connected Enterprise is enabled by our Integrated Control and Information portfolio.

Our broad, information-enabled portfolio includes the Integrated Architecture®, Intelligent Motor Control, and Solutions and Services.

Together with our partners, Rockwell Automation will build on our strong foundation of innovation – and leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and other contemporary and proven technologies that promise to enhance The Connected Enterprise vision.

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Through our Integrated Architecture system, we will help you apply one scalable infrastructure to drive efficiency and productivity across your organization. Unique in the industry, the Rockwell Automation

Integrated Architecture captures true manufacturing intelligence through technology convergence.

Our Integrated Architecture system is a comprehensive approach that combines Allen-Bradley® automation controls and Rockwell Software® information technologies in a converged Ethernet environment.

As a result, we can produce more flexible overall solutions with higher levels of visibility – and unlock the real-time decision power that is often hidden within automation systems.

About Rockwell Automation in Middle East

We are a leading supplier of automation controls and drive systems in the Middle East and has an infrastructure to meet the needs of customers doing business in this region. These are complemented by a network of local system solution providers and distributors in the Region. Whether you’re an end user looking to procure automation products to support your business objectives, or an OEM looking to increase your business opportunities, we are a partner you can depend on. Middle East office headquarter is based in Abu Dhabi and our teams in the regional offices are always ready for new challenges.

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