Oil and Gas’ Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Research by Harvard Business School, Strategic Marketing Management Class of 2014

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Are we on the first page of Google search? Have we made it on top? If not, are we getting there? Is our digital marketing strategy working?

For most of us marketing professionals, we ask these questions very often. Is our digital marketing strategy working and converting to sales? But few of us really know the answer. The tendency of every marketing professional out there is to hire a digital agency who doesn’t know the industry dynamics of the energy sector. So, before you do the same, perhaps you can look into hiring a marketing professional who can guide the marketing department.

What we’ve learned from Philip Kotler 10-20 years ago is still valid. The basic principles of marketing will always remain the same. The principles are the same and added digital marketing strategy as a new ingredient in effective communication.

To understand the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC), and Google adwords, you need to understand the industry, your competitors and your customers. You need to speak the same lingo, twang and jargon… the language for your digital marketing strategy within the energy industry differs from the rest.

In this specific case study, I have listed the top 30 largest oil and gas companies in the world. What language, keywords and phrases do they use on their websites, blogs, socials and press releases. In my honest opinion, if you understand the language of the oil & gas industry, then you can create an SEO-friendly & compelling inbound marketing content.

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Quick Tip No. 1

Here’s a quick digital marketing strategy tip for the young oil & gas professionals: Invest on marketing assets like images and videos. Stories with visuals are the most powerful way to educate your clients and be seen online. Did you know that millennial engineers and petroleum procurement specialists like to watch videos and understand the product specifications before recommending a product to their managers? Those buyers need first to understand how a specific product works, their pros and cons, warranty and most importantly, after-sales service.

Case study no. 1: Millennial engineers and procurement specialist will recommend a heavy equipment like tractor if they have watch the features on YouTube or read a feedback from social media or read the specs on digital magazines like GineersNow.

Quick Tip No. 2

Another quick digital marketing strategy tip for marketing professionals in the energy industry:  You should allocate around 20% – 30% of your budget on your external digital communications. Linkedin is best avenue for brand building and lead generation. There’s a gamut of oil & gas engineers, managers and leaders who are frequently browsing on their news feed. Twitter is the best medium for spreading your latest news while Facebook is your best medium to engage with your stakeholders and employees.

Want to learn more about digital marketing strategy in the petroleum and chemical industry? Just click below front cover and read on.


Note: Research and article are credited to Harvard Business School, Strategic Marketing Management Class of 2014. 



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Robert Bagatsing
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