The State of Fossil Fuel According to World Petroleum Council

How to Finish the Race with Limited Gas 

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The World Petroleum Council: How to Finish the Race with Limited Gas 

There is this saying that if you fuel your journey with fear and doubt, you are surely going to run out of gas. But fret not, the road is just sometimes fraught with uncharted terrains and bumps.

This month’s issue features an exclusive Q&A interview with Dr. Pierce Riemer, Director General & CEO of World Petroleum Council. He tackled some very important issues such as the challenges in the petroleum industry, the future of fossil fuels, and the latest disruptive technologies in the field. Also, learn more about his organization as he discussed the mission and the successes of the organization, as well as his personal profile.

The World Petroleum Council (WPC) has invested its efforts in facilitating strategic alliances between and among various stakeholders. With this, it is therefore crucial to enable all sectors to gain access to resources. With the rapidly changing technology available in the market, the use of this kind of alliances enables conditions for more established channels of distribution. Thus, benefitting everyone in the long run.

Indeed, sustainability is a key in this industry. Dr. Riemer goes on to explain the future of fossil fuels, saying that the challenge lies on providing energy for all and the future of this planet in a sustainable way. With the ever increasing world population, fossil fuels may soon run out, even with the staggering increase in the share of renewable energy.

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The future seems scary for the petroleum industry, as lamented by the CEO of WPC, but there is hope. They are currently challenged to think of developing new technologies in harnessing clean energy for all.

Lastly, he stresses that “Our job is to keep our planet livable”. And by that, he really meant it.

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