2018 Viral Stories: Renewable Green Leaders Magazine

The Green Uprising.: A 2018 Renewable Green Stories Walkthrough

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These are the articles that went viral this year… The best stories of renewable green leaders magazine.

In the world of renewable leaders, green is always greater than gold.

Acquiring all the gold in the planet will not equate to the impact of having all companies turn green. As the battle against the progressive climate change goes on, renewable leaders are taking steps, a hundred folds larger than ever. Renewable innovation in operations, products, systems, and services are being empowered across regions. Even the largest companies like Amazon have used their influence to spark change in the industry.

Calls for sustainability are not put into waste as more and more companies are turning the green light on. Some of the few great proofs are the industry leaders we featured the whole year. Their dedication to raising awareness and mobilizing sustainable technology and clean energy within the industry have created an immense progress in attaining a sustainable future.

Renewable green leaders magazine February front cover, Anita Nuri, CEO of Green Energy Solutions and Sustainability LLC, shares why it’s important to target waste energy to reduce the environmental impact of landfills while generating power. The following month, Dr. Raed Bkayrat, the Managing Director of Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC), discussed how this non-profit organization promotes the clean energy industry in the MENA region and leads several companies and government entities towards a decarbonized world.

Renewable green leaders magazine April and May front cover saw the innovations delivered by Amrita Ramona Shabla, co-founder of Sustainable Environmental Technologies (SET) and Dr. Shawn Xiaohua Qu, Chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar. Shabla tackled how SET became the leader in creative technology and how they focus on organic waste reduction at source. Meanwhile, Dr. Qu shared how his small company grew as a global player in the solar industry.

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Meanwhile, Bertrand Camus, Senior Executive Vice President of SUEZ, graced our front cover for June and talked about how the company accelerates in providing clean and accessible water towards a future of sustainability. In July, we witnessed the story of Huang Min, CEO of GoodWe. Min told us how the company earned its position as the global top ten inverter manufacturer and top 5 in Asia by shipments.

The succeeding month revealed the inspiring story of Mr. Baixing Wang, Chairman Talesun Zhongli Group, the humble beginnings and the recent developments of Baixing’s Zhongli Sci-Tech Group, a top 500 private company and a top ten independent innovation enterprise in China. On the other hand, Stuart Harrison, Technical Director EMRILL, talked about how the company developed techniques and facilities that had helped the UAE with its water scarcity.

For the last two months, we had two amazing CEOs from innovative companies – Nick Blitterswyk, Chief Executive Officer of UGE and Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. Blitterswyk talks about how Urban Green Energy (UGE), a project which started 10 years ago were able to help countries such the US, Canada, and the Philippines to expand their potential in solar powering communities. Meanwhile, Bezos talked about how the company is changing the landscape of carbon-emitting industries.

The vision of making the world carbon neutral in the coming years would be very much possible as long as corporations will be responsive to the challenges and risks posed by our degrading environment. Steps made by renewable green leaders are a clear manifestation that world business leaders are not merely after the gold; they are after turning the planet green.

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On another note, we wish everyone abundant happiness this holiday season and more blessings new year. 

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