2019 Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Green Forecast

A Serious Shade of Green

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2019 Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Green Movement Forecast – A Serious Shade of Green: Towards A More Sustainable Year.

It is said that living coral will be the pantone color of the year 2019 but industries would beg to disagree because green is the shade that will rule this year. A green flag will be lifted across sectors are renewable leaders are doing extensive solutions to inspire and encourage companies to make their operations reduce carbon emissions which is extremely raising the threats of global warming.

However, despite the efforts made by renewable leaders, there are dilemmas that could not be swept easily or cannot just be undone. Because of that, scientists, researchers, and engineers have targeted avenues that will contribute greater impact when implemented. These projects are aimed to create results on a larger scale by incorporating renewable technology into people’s daily activities.

Energy solutions for increasing demands will be a top priority in the commercial sector as digitization and convergence of data are being used to provide insights on how industries are utilizing energy. Meanwhile, stricter compliance to environmental standards will be imposed on companies to meet sustainable goals. Also, a more intensive corporate responsibility will take place as renewable leaders have already created an example that other businesses are aiming to follow.

More and more alternative solutions are expected to gain the spotlight this year as the advocacy to create smarter and greener working environments are receiving a heavy push to be realized globally. With this, it is expected that the year 2019 will make a notable turn in every industry as the term ‘renewable’ will be included in every agenda and every portfolio.

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In this feature, we will unveil the trends that will take over the renewable green sector and provide a forecast on how these things will make an impact on every industry. We will be giving insights about the latest applications and mechanisms that will be introduced or will be reaching a wider scope.

I bet you that this forecast will leave a feeling of excitement and anticipation for the year 2019. And as a bonus for this month’s release, we are to give you a peek featuring different facets of the life of an engineer—starring hard facts in the professional work environment, life hacks and useful leadership guide.

You wouldn’t also want to miss the top websites to visit for your daily engineering grind. Moreover, relate and correct common engineering mistakes in writing an effective resume/CV so that you’ll be able to finally land on that dream job. Get ready as well to learn the secrets of workplace coaching and its benefits for a better and more proactive leaders inside your firm.

All of that and more from this issue. Cheers to you, engineer!


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