2019 Renewable Energy Trending Stories

For the past 12 months, GineersNow editorial team were able to published thought provoking articles pertaining to the Renewable Energy and Sustainability

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Renewable Energy Trending

For the past 12 months, GineersNow editorial team were able to published thought provoking articles pertaining to the Renewable Energy and Sustainability.

From the latest solar technologies to recycling equipment, we have written articles that everyone enjoyed reading.

On behalf of the GineersNow news team, GineersNow TV crew, GineersNow events management and GineersNow digital, we would like to thank you for making us the number one online platform for engineering community, industrial companies and technology enthusiast in Asia-Pacific.

Here are the best stories that went viral in the past 12 months.


2019 Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Green Forecast

In this feature, we will unveil the trends that will take over the renewable green sector and provide a forecast on how these things will make an impact on every industry. We will be giving insights about the latest applications and mechanisms that will be introduced or will be reaching a wider scope.


Breaking The Clean Energy Migration Barriers

Over the years, several records have shown the progress and developments in the renewable energy sector. This good news threatens several renewable energy opponents, which often results to spreading reliability misconceptions about renewable energy resources. One argument presented by these opponents is its reliability to provide enough power for nations. Contrary to these misconceptions, resources such as solar and wind are proven to be highly reliable, safer and more accessible compared to coal, gas and nuclear.


Cyber Attacks in the Renewables

The growth of renewable energy and the increased availability of technologies like sensors and big data makes cyber defense even more challenging. But for sure, there is a rationalized solution to safeguard the renewable energy industry. Whatever that is, it should be applied now.


Virtual Reality for the Renewable Energy Industry

This virtual reality experience lets them to go to a virtual place that mimics wind turbines, allowing them to see, hear, and feel what it is like to be near a wind turbine without necessarily going there physically. They are given tasks and are armed with the tools needed to ficx a wind turbine. Wind turbines are found in remote areas of the North Sea so only a few people can see them personally.

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Sunsmart is Simply the Best Renewable Energy Solution

The power couple landed is the front cover of GineersNow’s Renewable Leaders magazine not because of our friendship, but their steadfast advocacy in changing the electric power landscape in Asia. Their sheer determination and resiliency echoed a winning combination of efficiency, technology and sustainability. They are the “true champions” of decentralized and sustainable electricity in Asia.


Mobile Apps for Renewable Companies

Mobile apps are certainly big hits in this millennium. Go to your app store and you can find a multitude of apps that are made for nearly anything you can think of. Social media, hotel bookings, flight bookings. Name it and you will surely find tons of it in the internet. With this kind of prevalent use, what better way to make use of this trend than making it a social platform for renewable energy awareness. Technologies in these clean energy sources are paving its way to eradicate our current dependency on the fast-depleting fossil fuels. And thanks to the widespread use of mobile apps, may it be free or paid, the “switch to renewable energy” movement is reaching tens and thousands of people across the globe.


We Rely on Alternative Energy Sources

Conversely, the argument from governments: oil, coal and natural gas companies is that until renewable energy sources become more feasible as major energy providers, the only substitute in meeting the increasing demands for energy from a growing global population that requires more and more energy is to endure extracting fossil fuel assets.

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Sustainable Energy Generation Life Hazards

Four out of the 5 fatal injuries were caused by falls, while the other was attributed to a motor vehicle accident. “One of the biggest challenges with these industries is their location,” said Ilana Morady, a San Francisco-based associate at Seyfarth Shaw L.L.P.


The Renewable Energy Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity will break the homogeneous thinking of a group helping to come up with better decisions and innovations. As years pass, more and more people recognize the value of solar panels, wind energy, and others. Hiring women in the renewable industry can fill the skills gap, knowing that this is currently in demand as more people advocate to help the environment.


IoT in the Green Energy Industry

With IoT integrated with green energy, everything is more flexible and efficient. Users need not worry about manually controlling their IoT appliances and devices as anything connected to the network can be automatically set depending on the user preference. This will ultimately lead to more environment-driven decisions in the household and lesser energy consumption.


The Renewable Energy Politics

The adoption of renewable energy sources in a country basically requires two things: policies and money. Without policies to dictate what and what not to do, the private investors chose to not participate in the advancement since this poses a high risk in their investments. And since most of the renewable energy technologies require funds to be implemented, this serves as a major downfall in the spreading of the technology.

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