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Mobile Apps for Renewable Companies

Technologies in these energy sources are paving its way

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Renewable Companies

Mobile apps are certainly big hits in this millennium. Go to your app store and you can find a multitude of apps that are made for nearly anything you can think of. Social media, hotel bookings, flight bookings. Name it and you will surely find tons of it in the internet. With this kind of prevalent use, what better way to make use of this trend than making it a social platform for renewable energy awareness. Technologies in these clean energy sources are paving its way to eradicate our current dependency on the fast-depleting fossil fuels. And thanks to the widespread use of mobile apps, may it be free or paid, the “switch to renewable energy” movement is reaching tens and thousands of people across the globe.

But the apps are not only for consumers and private households, but they are also available for investors and potential and existing businesses. Among the best renewable energy apps distributed nowadays, six of them stand out.

Global Atlas Pocket and Solar Checklist are both made for potential investors and current businesses. While the former provides detailed information for suitable renewable energy business in a certain location, the former is made to ensure that solar panel installations are done by the book. Meanwhile, Project Sunroof and Mapdwell suit private homeowners and organizations that will make use of solar energy simply to power up their homes and buildings. The apps estimates for them the technical details needed if they were to switch into solar power for personal consumption.

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Windspire Me and Windfarm Locator are both used to track wind turbines. Windspire Me, which estimates the CO2 conservation a Windspire wind turbine can do, encourages people to convert into wind power. On the other hand,

Windfarm Locator gives you various details about windfarms both near and around the world.

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