Sustainable Energy Generation Life Hazards

Life, once taken away, is not renewable unlike energy

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Sustainable Energy

Workers in renewable energy are exposed to the risks, such as falls, fires, electrical current, confined space hazards, etc. Based on the records of Bureau of Labor statistics, 5 among 10 workers in the solar, wind, geothermal and biomass electric power generation industries died in the workplace each day over the 2012-2016 periods.

Four out of the 5 fatal injuries were caused by falls, while the other was attributed to a motor vehicle accident. “One of the biggest challenges with these industries is their location,” said Ilana Morady, a San Francisco-based associate at Seyfarth Shaw L.L.P.

Forms of Energy Generation that can cause Danger

All forms of energy generation carry some danger, or at the very least unexpected inconvenience in a natural disaster. Several forms that can cause life as it risks are the following:

  1. Hydroelectric dams can flood in heavy downpours.
  2. Transformers may burst into flame from lightning strikes.
  3. Coal can freeze when temperatures drop, making it difficult to transport or burn and natural gas may combust under various conditions.
  4. Wind turbines are often located in really remote areas, medical and first aid can be a challenge.

Safety Precautions in Working in Energy Generation Places

There are issues when someone is injured making sure that first aid is available and that emergency responders can access the site and get there quickly. This unique safety issue regarding the renewable energy sector should be strictly monitored by occupational safety and health officer.

To combat the unwanted accidents, there should be a special rules and mandate that will eliminate the possibilities of danger. A simple wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) would not be appropriate to this unique kind of risk.

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A series of assessments and researches must be done and be incorporated in planning of the new sets of rules. Increased citizen involvement and understanding is more important now than ever before. Develop the plans together with the citizens and they will say yes to many things.

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