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The Renewable Energy Politics

Clean Energy versus Dirty Politics

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Renewable Energy Politics

From the sun to the running water, our Earth is packed with tons of renewable energy sources available for use. These energy sources significantly impact the environment in a positive way, improving public health and alleviating global warming. In hopes of dramatically reducing carbon footprint, most local governments and private institutions are looking for ways to fully integrate various renewable energy sources into their system. But this has proved to be easier said than done.

Fossil Fuels

Today, the majority of the world still prefers to use fossil fuels like coals. Almost half of the globe’s electricity is still from the use of coals.

While scientists and researchers are painting a good image of renewable energy sources, most of the world is still not ready to accommodate this technology.

The cost of putting up fossil fuel plants are significantly less than venturing out in the renewable energy field. This, in turn, greatly affects the adoption the renewable energy technologies.

Policies and Money

The adoption of renewable energy sources in a country basically requires two things: policies and money.

Without policies to dictate what and what not to do, the private investors chose to not participate in the advancement since this poses a high risk in their investments.

And since most of the renewable energy technologies require funds to be implemented, this serves as a major downfall in the spreading of the technology.

Global Warming

But the need and demand for these renewable energy sources are increasing by the minute. We need to be actively involved in campaigns to reduce global warming and climate change.

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To overcome the barriers hindering the adoption of renewable energy technologies in any country, it is imperative to spread awareness and build the technological capability of the adopting state.

This way, policymakers will be more knowledgeable about the technologies, thus creating suitable and implementable regulations and standards.

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