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Sustainability Through Innovation in UAE’s Oil and Gas Industry

In this month’s cover story, learn more about how the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) became one of the largest oil and gas players in the UAE.

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Behind every powerful industry are people who make the most incredible things happen. In the oil and gas sector, different companies with different sets of leaders, researchers, staff and engineers are finding the best possible way to progress with sustainability in mind.

In this month’s cover story, learn more about how the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) became one of the largest oil and gas players in the UAE. With a vision to be an innovative energy partner with a foundation on sustainability, ENOC succeeded in its ambitious plan to start dominating in the market. Now, in this exclusive interview with ENOC Group’s CEO, His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, learn more about the company’s history, ambitions and its current performance as he shares the company’s operations in the Middle East, its recent product innovations, engineering and technology to meet the demands in line with projections for EXPO 2020.

We are also featuring a special interview with Mamina Radu-Bogdan, Head of Energy and Industry META at Hilti Middle East. He discusses the importance of Energy and Industry (E&I), the department’s strategic positioning with the integration of Champion 2020 as well as their improved business strategy and changes within the industry based on new market trends.

Lastly, read our exclusive story on how McDermott’s Head of Engineering inspires young female engineers to lead and succeed in a male-dominated industry. Being the first female production engineer when she entered McDermott, Elviana Sari (Vivi) did not only encounter challenges at work as an engineer, she also had to deal with how being a woman affects her relationship with her co-workers. Learn more about Vivi’s humble beginnings as a student who aspired to be an engineer and find out how being a female engineer didn’t stop her from climbing up the career ladder despite the several pressures and problems she encountered along the way. She also shares the common misconceptions she had to deal with at work and her advice to female engineering students who want to pursue a career in the industry.

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So, get excited for this month’s amazing news and stories in the oil and gas industry! Sit back and learn something new today. Keep up with the latest trends on the Oil and Gas Industry with GineersNow: Oil and Gas Leaders. 


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Robert Bagatsing
Managing Editor and Founder of GineersNow based in Dubai and Manila. Survived marketing at Harvard, Management at AIM and proud Bedan.


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  1. The natural history of the world can be characterized by one word, change. That includes the oil and gas industry!

    Nedal Younis
    Executive Director
    Oil Support Services (OSS)

  2. Agree, National Oil Companies started to operate their own oil reserve base.

    Norman SHEPPARD
    Base Oil Development
    Bapco (Bahrain Petroleum Company)

  3. Great move by ENOC. Energy issues need to be addressed holistically.

    Stephen McCallion
    Communications Leader, Middle East North Africa & Turkey
    GE Oil & Gas

  4. There’s an eco-friendly sanitation solution for the petroleum industry designed to replace hazardous solvents containing petroleum distillates and other hazardous materials used to clean equipment.

    Iqbal Hussain
    Key Account Director: Oil & Gas, Petrochem, Mining
    GE Energy Management, Digital Energy, Grid Automation

  5. Middle East oil and gas industry have much to gain from these sustainable developments.

    Radi Essa
    Director of Oil and Gas
    Masco Corporation

  6. The environmental, social and climate change issues that face the world today have all industries considering how they will address sustainability in the future.

    Abdul Nasir Khan
    Director Oil & Gas Division
    Energy Projects Support Company (ENPRO)

  7. Both onshore and offshore operations have high probabilities of health and safety incidents that can have devastating consequences.

    Osama Sharrif
    Oil & Gas Director

  8. Sustainable development as a discipline has engaged the attention of governments, development practitioners, academics and NGO globally.

    Joachim West
    Manager Oil & Gas Drilling – Consultant
    Saudi Arabia

  9. The oil and gas sector continues to provide essential energy for society’s development.

    Tamer El Banna
    General Manager – Oil & Gas Division KSA
    Zamil Group Holding Company

  10. Thank you for publishing this wonderful story. Great job gineersnow!

    Aous Al Ali
    General Manager
    ENOC/United Stars

  11. Very good article about ENOC.

    Abdulwahab Mohamed Al Nazari
    HR Manager
    ENOC Group

  12. ENOC – the best company to work.

    Muhammad Faisal Shaikh
    Sr. Corporate Travel Supervisor
    ENOC Group at ENOC

  13. Well done Gineersnow! Great article about ENOC.

    Maggie Williams
    Specialist Leadership and Team Development

  14. I am a proud member of ENOC team.

    Eng. Asma Adel Abdulla
    Marketing Stream IT Manager

  15. Editors or Gineersnow, can you also feature ADNOC?

    Hamdan AlMansoori
    Admin officer

  16. Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs.

    Nasir Sharif
    Sales Director; Oil & Gas and Marine Solutions

  17. Oil & gas operators are transitioning to Digital Data Management to improve the management and resilience of their assets.

    Gus Atmeh
    Oil & Gas – Energy Director
    HSS Engineers Bhd

  18. I wonder what does “sustainability” mean in terms of human development?

    Joanne Triandafilou
    Office Manager
    Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited

  19. Many integrated and independent oil and gas companies are operating on the global landscape.

    Amer Al Osh
    Managing Director / General Manager
    Essential International General Trading LLC

  20. For the world’s poorest, access to sustainable, healthy sources of energy remains a basic critical need.

    Paolo Tavella
    Director, Strategic Accounts
    GE Oil & Gas

  21. Identifying areas for policy reform and harmonization first requires an understanding of existing regulatory landscapes.

    Carl Pilmer
    Global Sales Director
    JDR Cable Systems

  22. Oil companies refer to voluntary initiatives when reporting their CSR performance.

    Viswan Sankaran
    Director HR & Recruitment

  23. Safe and incident-free operations are also a key to strong productivity and efficiency.

    Mohammed Adly
    Engineering Director
    Gas Company

  24. Principal role of supplying reliable and affordable energy, oil and gas companies also contribute social investments.

    Sanad Humaid Ahmed, MBA (Honors), PMP, FE
    Sr.Project Manager
    Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company

  25. Extraction activities are intrinsically riskier than other sectors.

    Ashraf Ali Khan, LEED AP, PQP, WELL AP
    Sustainability Consultant
    Dubai, UAE

  26. We are all catalysts for change and drivers of development.

    Charmaine Klima
    Senior Advisor, Leadership Development, ADNOC Group

  27. The oil and gas industry operates in some of the most challenging places in the world.

    Gregory Czopar
    Senior Director, Alliances & Channels MENAT & SSA
    GE Oil & Gas – evaluation and optimisation technologies

  28. Congratulations to ENOC for these inspiring sustainable initiatives.

    Dr. Ali Obaid Al-Yabhouni
    Managing Director
    Dubai Natural Gas Company Limited(DUGAS)

  29. Companies in the oil and gas sector are engaging in product innovation that will impact sustainability in the long run.

    Daud Khan
    Managing Director

  30. A multilevel governance approach is needed to deliver sustainable development.

    Mutasem Adas
    Senior Director

  31. Oil & gas company activities can have socio-economic impacts on the surrounding communities.

    Salah Galadari
    Director Finance and Planning
    Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC)

  32. Most of the time, this is a win-win endeavor for both the operating company and the host government.

    Ghassan Mayassi
    President & Managing Director
    CIM Consult

  33. Emerging economies are making strides in sustainable energy innovation.

    Duaa Mohamed
    Deputy Director
    Semi Governmental Energy Company

  34. Construction of new energy infrastructure should be a prime consideration for sustainability.

    Abdul Aziz Al Hammadi
    Senior Project Manager

  35. Geographical risks have very little to do with the landscape, region or earth
    bodies suitable for oil exploration.

    Hamouda Al Marzouqi
    Well Delivery Process Manager

  36. Most companies are still using lagging metrics in sustainability.

    George Kenich CEng , LEED AP, CQIA, PQP
    AEI Limited

  37. It is the process of environmental impact assessments. The shift is a positive note.

    Amy Haddin
    Senior Environmental Scientist LEED AP

  38. Effective decentralised energy models require partnerships and dialogue between government, industry, donors, civil society and local consumers.

    Knut Papajewski
    Managing Director
    Gulf Oil & Gas FZE

  39. This initiative is particularly important for oil and gas producing regions.

    Markus Dow
    Director – Middle East, Asia & East Africa
    WTS Energy, Dubai & Nairobi

  40. Indeed there are many challenges and opportunities in oil & gas. But we need to move forward to a sustainable future. Good job ENOC.

    Samah Al Hajeri, PMP
    arket Intelligence & Suppliers Performance Team Leader

  41. Are we prepared to thrive in a business environment that is oversupplied?

    Graham Poll
    Account Manager – Oil & Gas

  42. “The Stone Age did not end for lack of stone, and the Oil Age will end long before the world runs out of oil.” So said Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, former Saudi Arabian oil minister, in an interview in 2000.

    Adrian del Maestro

  43. How energy companies can adjust their business models to a period of recovery?

    Joerg Theis
    Group Vice President – BU Oil, Gas & Chemicals Service Manager

  44. The year has seen significant changes in energy prices and production.

    Joel Philip
    Sales Manager (Oil And Gas Solutions)
    Safety Electrical Group-SEG

  45. Digital disruption is creating new opportunities – but also threats in offshore oil and gas operations.

    Wassim Charara
    Executive Director – Oil and Gas
    United Management Group – Abu Dhabi-UAE

  46. Technology has significantly reduced costs and increased the efficiency of extracting, converting, and utilizing energy.

    John McDonagh
    Regional Sales Director Oil & Gas

  47. Many refiners continue to seek export opportunities as a failsafe to their future success

    Steve Holmes
    Director Oil & Gas
    Baghdad comp.LTD

  48. The ground in the oil patch has shifted dramatically

    Muhaned Al-Nassery
    General Manager
    GE Oil & Gas Drilling & Surface

  49. Will upstream oil companies end up with stockpiles of “unburnable” petroleum reserves?

    Andrew Hoxley
    Global Oil & Gas Industry Manager
    Pentair Valves & Controls

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