2019 Technology Outlook, Analysis and Forecast

Peering to the Next Big Thing - What to Expect in Tech this year

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Peering to the Next Big Thing: What to Expect in Tech this year? The 2019 Technology Outlook

Permanent solutions in business are improbable. A sudden shift in the economy or a political decision can shake things up immediately thus constant innovations are always necessary. No one can absolutely guarantee that the solution given today will last up to its expected shelf life. Change is inevitable and any business could be swept away from the current trend.

It can be told that most of the technological innovations made today are anchored on environmental protection as there is a dire need to level up the preventive actions to save the planet from getting warmer. If not obliged, companies in different parts of the world are encouraged to shift into green practices and reshape their operations using systems that not only provide better services but also contribute to lessening the carbon footprint.

Investing in technology entails risks as cyber security threats are still imminent. As businesses are pursuing a hundred percent digital operation, robotics and automation strategies, stringent policies and guidelines are on the rise. As much as sectors want to build an intelligent system for their companies, there are still precautions that should be made because technology is still vulnerable to challenges and mistakes.

Tech innovations play a huge role in maintaining clients’ and investors’ trust. Digital leaders are leaning to machine learning and artificial intelligence to maximize the power data can provide. Service-oriented digital innovations and intelligent connections are being implemented in various sectors to build not just smarter companies but smarter communities as well.

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In this feature, we will unveil the trends that will take over the technology sector and provide a forecast on how these things will make an impact on every industry. We will be giving insights about the latest applications and mechanisms that will be introduced or will be reaching a wider scope.

I bet you that this forecast will leave a feeling of excitement and anticipation for the year 2019. And as a bonus for this month’s release, we are to give you a peek featuring different facets of the life of an engineer—starring hard facts in the professional work environment, life hacks and useful leadership guide.

You wouldn’t also want to miss the top websites to visit for your daily engineering grind. Moreover, relate and correct common engineering mistakes in writing an effective resume/CV so that you’ll be able to finally land on that dream job. Get ready as well to learn the secrets of workplace coaching and its benefits for a better and more proactive leaders inside your firm.

All of that and more from this issue. Cheers to you, engineer!


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