2019 Technology Viral Stories

Thought provoking tech articles that went viral this year

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2019 Technology

For the past 12 months, GineersNow editorial team were able to published thought provoking articles pertaining to the Technology industry.

From the autonomous cars to industrial robotics, we have written articles that everyone enjoyed reading.

On behalf of the GineersNow news team, GineersNow TV crew, GineersNow events management and GineersNow digital, we would like to thank you for making us the number one online platform for engineering community, industrial companies and technology enthusiast in Asia-Pacific.

Here are the best stories that went viral in the past 12 months.


2019 Technology Outlook, Analysis and Forecast

In this feature, we will unveil the trends that will take over the technology sector and provide a forecast on how these things will make an impact on every industry. We will be giving insights about the latest applications and mechanisms that will be introduced or will be reaching a wider scope.


The Future of Consumer Electronics and Technology

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) displays a wide collection of technology products that range from robots, smart home appliances, phones, laptops, and televisions, making it the largest annual technology event in the world. It is religiously attended by leading technology innovators, crowded by enthusiasts, and populated by the media.


What’s Trending in 3D Printing Technology

Applications for 3D printing technology already encompasses various industry including construction, biomedicine, aerospace, fashion, and many others. The ideas for new projects using 3D printing machines are endless!


Future Technologies of Shopping Malls

Shopping malls should step up and introduce services that will make their customers keep coming back despite having the option to order online and wait for their items to be delivered to their doorstep. Leading shopping group Westfield shared their vision of malls in 2028.

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Blockchain Disruptive Technology in Telecommunications

The technology is not only transforming traditional CSPs, but it is also giving them the opportunity to control more than just mobile networks. Imagine the Internet of Things (IoT) connected with this massive network. Imagine the capability and security it can provide. Imagine the impact this can do to the society’s current way of living.


Technology in Cooling System and Construction

Construction has always been an industry to stick behind their traditional methods. But, recently we have seen that construction professionals have to keep up with the times or be left behind. So how technology is really changing the commercial landscape of construction industry? Here we outlined a few ways technology is playing an important role in delivering quality service to the consumer. This is the reason air conditioning system was developed and recreated by advance technology. Everything is digital now, these modern technologies may rather create than destroy.


Technologies Disrupting Restaurants & Food Industry

With the rise of technology comes the adaptation of these innovations into most of the sectors of the industry. The restaurant industry is no exception to this trend. The constantly changing world has led restaurant owners to shift into a more technology-driven industry in order to meet customer needs and interests.


Social Media Can Support the Renewable Industry

Using renewable energy has proved to provide better services and fewer consequences compared to using fossil fuels and biomass. Wind turbines, for instance, are capable of producing the same amount of electricity that burning natural gas can produce. Wind turbines’ emissions only account for about 2% of the total emissions of burning natural gas.

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The Latest Automotive Industry Technologies

Companies are aiming to improve mobility experience to meet consumer expectations. This includes the ability to have a better navigation and a great infotainment system. If these are made available, there will be a better in-car experience.


Technologies are Disrupting the Manufacturing Industry

The industrial heavy equipment, OEM, machineries, FMCG, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, food and agricultural manufacturing companies nowadays are being converted to smart factories dominated by various technologies, and it is safe to say that what comes from the manufacturing line each time is a more advanced version of its predecessor.


Latest Trends in Home Automation Technology

The era of smart home devices has dawned upon us. The advancement of technology has come a long way, from its first use in the military to the integration of smart gadgets in our very own homes. And with each year, we are taken a step closer to a fully automated home system.

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