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2021 Global Electronics and Technology Trends

Over the past few years, the electronics manufacturing industry is changing quite faster than anyone expected

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Technology Trends


Over the past few years, the electronics manufacturing industry is changing quite faster than anyone expected.

Although this is a positive thing to note, it also meant that many companies are finding it hard to keep up with the trends.

Among these emerging trends, the most common and starting to become increasingly popular are the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and virtual reality (VR).


The development of IoT can be attributed to three pre-existing technologies, the internet, cloud computing, and smaller sensors. Combining the three gave way to more devices getting interconnected quicker and easier.

Many businesses have started to make smart decisions based on the real-time information provided by the interconnected devices.

When paired with other technological innovations, IoT is likely to drive more efficient decisions both for short term and long term.

Although big data has been previously used by larger companies exclusively, even small to medium-sized ones can now accessed it because of the increasing sources of data readily available. This has resulted in electronics manufacturers using big data information in reducing their operational costs all while boosting profit margins and market share.

The management can now overcome any problems, as well, as they can predict and avoid those using big data.

VRs, while many believe are revolutionary in the gaming sector, are also becoming very useful in electronics manufacturing.

When coupled with computer-aided design, VR can help designers tweak their products more accurately and make modifications quicker before the actual production begins. As a result, inspection time is reduced since workers can easily identify and fix errors before the product is created.

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The cost of labor and the possibility of producing inaccurate and poorly designed products are also significantly lowered.

However, trained people in these fields has been surprisingly low, creating a skill shortage in the electronics manufacturing industry. So to overcome this problem, companies are starting offer training to prospective hires and making themselves attractive to pre-trained candidates.

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