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How Data Science & Technology Fights COVID-19

Technology companies fighting against the coronavirus are bending the curve

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Technology Fights COVID-19


COVID-19 and its effect on the entire world is unfortunately not going to dissipate anytime soon.

Coronavirus Response

Countries have become more adamant in implementing government mandates in response to this virus, such as community quarantines, travel bans, supply shortages, and temporary close of businesses, which have left many individuals working from home or, worse yet, fully without a career and means to earn.

However, amid this pandemic, there are groups of jobs deemed by the government as essential in order to combat this virus and eventually end it once and for all: those in the medical field, be they scientists, medical professionals, healthcare workers, and frontliners working tirelessly to end the spread of COVID-19.

Now, they are utilizing ingenious pieces of technology to help in their mission to end the pandemic.

Technology Fights COVID-19

Using artificial intelligence, data science, and various technology invented by different brands and tech companies, those at the forefront in the fight against the coronavirus are bending the curve more and more each day.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is able to help health workers and data analyzers identify, track, and forecast diagnoses of the virus. This is especially helpful when one is trying to see the real-time status of COVID-19.

Technology Fights COVID-19 while science is able to isolate the virus and study its chemical components in order to create an effective antivirus and heal the world.

Even medicines are being developed as of the moment and are being tested nonstop to reassure that there is a brighter future past this global crisis. In the meantime, technology is being utilized all over the world to help one another such as the donation and delivery of basic goods and other essential supplies via drones.

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There are even drones tasked with disinfecting entire city blocks.

Lastly, communication tools are present in order to inform the world about COVID-19 and educate people about what must be done in relation to it.

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