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NuPON Technology: Philippines’ Best Industrial Supplier

Exclusive interview with Mr. Elvis Tang, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of NuPON Technology Phils. Corporation

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NuPON Technology


Elvis Tang, the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of NuPON Technology Phils. Corporation, takes pride in his company as it mirrors his own journey to success that started 20 years ago.

From a humble sales engineer, Tang readied himself and rose through sheer hard work. He became a co-founder in due time, and shortly thereafter, he became the CEO and Chairman of the company. From a simple product line, Tang began dipping his toes in unknown waters and thus broadened his horizons. “We felt that we needed to go both wider and deeper”, Tang said, referring to expanding their list of technological products, increasing manpower, and vying for more efficient overall management.

Tang is a very hands-on and direct leader. He is a firm believer, supporter, and practitioner of servant leadership. He is very much in-touch with his staff and encourages them to ask questions when the need arises. Humility and helping one another is truly a core component in their work culture. The company, unlike many other companies in the industry, exudes a social warmth from its leaders and they are very happy to give aid and share their knowledge and stories of their experience to budding employees and enthusiasts of growth.

In terms of staffing, Tang loves the initiative, cooperation, familial-nature, responsibility, and eye for career growth that are inscribed in the hearts, minds, and hands of his Filipino workers. As expected of many Filipinos, they are willing to learn and take on any challenge that comes their way.

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Truly, NuPON Tech has spearheaded the movement towards technological security for all the industries in the world. Despite having been at the forefront of this quest for 20 years, this company breathes life into its role and enacts vision as if it had just taken root and while a technologically secure and confident Philippines is still a long way to go, we can rest assured that someone is at the helm of this crusade, driving progress every single day.

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