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The Future is 5G Technology

5G technology will become a gateway to a more interactive society

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5G Technology


This article specifically target the telecom engineers and technologically-driven companies.

Indeed, 5G promises a lot. From the fastest internet connection down to providing virtual reality experience, you can always trust the 5G network.

After reading this article, you will realize how far technology had brought the level of communication of people to become much easier. And in fact, mobile phones already evolved significantly. You don’t only purchase a smartphone for mere call and text reasons, but to connect to the internet and use it for automation, industrial connection and AI.

That is why countries must adapt to 5G technology. They must accept the fact that the demand for fast internet connectivity has become a necessity. However, I firmly believe that people must be very cautious in funneling 5G services from other countries. Why? Because it entail security risks.

There are reports that the power of 5G technology is even used to spy people, which do not only compromise the privacy of the citizens but the security of the country as well.

5G technology will become a gateway to a more interactive society. As we traverse to the new decade, we also need to improve the telecommunications to the tee. We need to use 5G to communicate with our loved ones virtually and to play games more realistically. I know that there are countless applications of 5G that have not been discovered. But for us to appreciate the significance of 5G, reading this article is really a good start!

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