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The Latest Oil and Gas Trends with BAUER Compressors

Colin Fountain, Managing Director of BAUER Kompressoren talks about TankSafe Nitrogen Blanketing System

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BAUER Compressors

There are nigh countless volatile and corrosive compounds sloshing around in the oil and gas industry. Without the proper equipment or handling, things can go south pretty fast. Faulty tank batteries that provide a false sense of security are oftentimes the paint-points of the industry, and leveling up to better equipment is the most logical solution.

TankSafe Nitrogen Blanketing System

Enter Bauer Kompressoren’s TankSafe Nitrogen Blanketing System. This ingenious system creates a nitrogen blanket layer inserting the headspace of tanks to prevent the risk of explosion and reduce tank corrosion. With state-of-the-art products such as the OE13, Rigforce, Bauer NGM, SNGH, and Nitromax, Bauer Kompressoren aims to make the oil and gas industry safer for each employee under its belt.

German Technology

Starting off from humble roots in Germany, Bauer Kompressoren has been a family-owned company having 22 subsidiaries and 15 branch offices worldwide.

Their focus is the manufacturing of high pressure reciprocating compressors and generators. These compressors are designed to operate in the harshest of conditions, high temperatures, and extreme levels of humidity without compromising any form of quality.

BAUER Innovation

One of the latest innovations that Bauer Kompressoren seeks to make available to the public is their instrument air system. This air system is all set to deliver low pressure air without the use of desiccant dryer. This is the future for low pressure oil free air requirements, especially for remote locations where maintenance of desiccant dryers is difficult.

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For those in Bauer Kompressoren, the role that technology and innovation plays in their industry is integral in gathering information. With the latest PLC control panels used in the compressors, Bauer Kompressoren’s control systems allow individuals to get information through messaging services and through Ethernet using their proprietary app.

Bauer Kmpressoren’s heads are also diversifying in other industries like plastic injection, moulding and ship building, gas bottling plants, etc. Truly, they are and will always will be a reliable partner in the oil and gas industry.

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