2019 Power, Water & Utilities Trending Stories

From the latest wastewater technologies to power transmission and distribution trends

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Utilities Trending


For the past 12 months, GineersNow editorial team were able to published thought provoking articles pertaining to the Power and Water industry.

From the latest wastewater technologies to power transmission and distribution trends, we have written articles that everyone enjoyed reading.

On behalf of the GineersNow news team, GineersNow TV crew, GineersNow events management and GineersNow digital, we would like to thank you for making us the number one online platform for engineering community, industrial companies and technology enthusiast in Asia-Pacific.

Here are the best stories that went viral in the past 12 months.


2019 Utilities, Power and Water Forecast

The integration of IoT solutions this 2019 will also be remarkable this year in the water industry. This is to address age-old infrastructure issues of water and the industries incorporated on them. A lot of research is now ongoing so they can set and reshape business strategies for companies in the water industry.


ASEAN Water and Wastewater Challenges

A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology entitled, “Projections of Water Stress Based on an Ensemble of Socioeconomic Growth and Climate Change Scenarios: A Case Study in Asia” suggests that in 35 years, Asia will suffer from serious water shortages with roots from economic and population growth on top of climate change. Using a detailed modelling to measure the full range of scenarios involving water availability and use in the future, the scientists conclude that there is a “high risk of severe water stress” across Asia.


There are Power and Water Utility Apps for That

Utility companies, which provides our need for water, power, and others, are not oblivious to this scenario.  Using mobile apps to reach customers and to improve services will bring myriads of advantages to the companies. However, only a small fraction of these big companies have adapted mobile technology. What benefits will they gain once they develop mobile apps?

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Social Media for Power and Water Utility Companies

Social media can also be used to inform customers that they are aware of existing problems (such as power and water outages) and that they are already taking action. Doing this not only serves the purpose of informing consumers, but can also earn media coverage.


The Untold Story of Blockchain in Utilities

The potential of blockchain has not been realized fully, but with the fast-paced rise in technology, the industry will surely consider adopting this secured and highly cost-effective method into their day-to-day operations.


How Workflow Automation Flows in the Utilities

Labelled as a very complex industry, the professionals in the power and utilities industry utilize a variety of workflow automation systems to shed loads of work from one’s schedules and work hand in hand with these to create model systems.


Power and Water Utilities to the People

An examination of short and long term change drivers reveals how the industry will likely look in the future and how to manage it. At the crossroad of a traditional past and future, the energy and utilities industry have been fairly successful in placing itself at a high level of technology maturity.  The next level of transformation for the industry is aimed at providing enhanced customer experience and optimizing operational efficiency costs in a highly competitive landscape.


Online Security Threats in Power, Water and Utilities

Cyber-attacks are now becoming an impactful problem in the digital world, and while there is a multitude of easy ways to counterattack these vulnerabilities, some companies are not just too aware of the possible consequences outdated systems bring to their workforce and overall processes.

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IoT Utilities: More Electricity and Cleaner Water

IoT can alleviate the power and water industry making it more efficient in more ways than one. Using smart devices, both the consumers and utility companies will have an accurate understanding of the sector.


Power & Water Utility Sector’s Virtual Reality Benefits

We are now in the age where holograms and augmented realities are no longer a work of fiction. There are many startups and big companies venturing into the development of virtual reality (VR), mainly because such technology is expected to be of significant use in the industry today, especially in the power and water industries.


Electric Power & Utility Water Robots

Robots have significantly taken over the majority of the sectors of the industry, may it be the oil and gas industry or the construction industry. Their applications in the industry have proven to be virtually limitless, from stacking bricks in the construction field to exploring oil reserves in extreme environments.

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