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Electric Power & Utility Water Robots

Designed to ease the human workload, robots are now becoming more visible in the field, especially in the power and water industry

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Utility Water Robots

Robots have significantly taken over the majority of the sectors of the industry, may it be the oil and gas industry or the construction industry. Their applications in the industry have proven to be virtually limitless, from stacking bricks in the construction field to exploring oil reserves in extreme environments.

Designed to ease the human workload, robots are now becoming more visible in the field, especially in the power and water industry.

Office Automation in Utilities

Some of the major applications of robots in the workplace include taking over the human resource department, auditing department, and the accounting department.

In the human resource sector, they are particularly useful in automating the leave, payroll, and benefits processes.

Meanwhile, in the finance department, automation helps in cutting the operational costs by doing the job of a team of employees all by itself.

The audit functions of automation are also useful in securing the data of their employees.

Reduce Operational Cost

Aside from helping automate the workplace and reduce operational costs, robots also play a vital role in the workplace, particularly in keeping workers and equipment safe and free from risks.

They are dispatched to the field first, where they inspect the area for possible faults and health risks before allowing any humans to enter the field.

They are equipped with high-end sensors, such as thermal cameras and infrared, and specially designed algorithms that are capable of replacing the human inspectors.

This is exceptionally handy, especially in heightening workplace safety.

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Challenges in Power and Water

While it is easy to see how beneficial the fully automated system is, there are still challenges that may have been overlooked. But once these challenges are overcome, it is no longer surprising that the future of the utility sector is in the hands of these robots.

With continued improvements and innovations, we can see more of this technology being commercialized in the near future.

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